Types of men women wouldn’t like to see by their side

Types of men women wouldn’t like to see by their side

For some reason, most guys believe that women prefer cute and tanned macho men with perfect bodies who can make all their dreams come true. But practice shows that not all ladies consider males’ beauty the main attribute in relationships. A lot of them would rather prefer seeing a self-confident and independent man by their side.

Men simply can’t understand that women are unpredictable by nature, and in most cases, they are interested in their companions’ character traits rather than facial features.

When meeting her potential husband for the first time, women always intuitively search for certain traits of a masculine character in the first place, and in this case, appearance doesn’t play a big role. So there’s no surprise that self-confident men are much more suitable for the role of a husband than beautiful ones. Let’s find out which men’s attributes women find interesting and which not.


Virtually every man has a sense of dignity, but, unfortunately, not everyone can correctly show it because of shyness. The thing is that many ladies consider it as the greatest disadvantage of a timid man who not only can’t stand up for his partner but also can’t defend his point of view in different situations. Being a wife of such man in real life can be pretty difficult. If a guy doesn’t like and respect himself, what’s the point in planning future relationships with him? How can such a man love someone else?

In most cases, lack of self-worth means that a person has low self-esteem. To get a strong character and be confident in yourself, you must constantly work on strengthening your self-esteem.

Lack of leadership skills

According to women, a man should be a leader who knows what he wants from this life. He must clearly understand what he needs and what to do to get it. Having the character of a leader doesn’t mean being above others on the career ladder; having your own unshakable opinion would be more than enough.

Irritation and anger

Too irritated men who quickly lose control over themselves are not attractive to women at all. This character trait alone shows that there can be frequent problems in family life, leading to constant quarrels. And this frightens off a lot of girls.


Girls consider men, who don’t care about their appearance, not worth looking at. If you forgot to brush your teeth, wash your hair, and take a shower, you can also forget about starting a conversation with a girl. Keeping your body clean and clothes ironed is essential if you’re going to look for that special someone. Of course, daily showering and looking after your haircut and fingernails doesn’t mean that you’ll immediately become a perfect husband, but it will significantly increase your chances of success.

Dependence on parents

Quite often, girls come across guys over 30 who still ask for their mothers’ advice. A woman will definitely not want to see such a dependent man by her side.


Irresponsibility is an awful character trait, unfortunately, picked up by most modern guys. Women just can’t stand such men; the only feeling they cause is an irritation. No lady wants to see an indifferent man next to her.

Ladies want to see happiness on a man’s face

Most women are attracted to handsome guys with a smile on their faces. The fact is that hormones of happiness play an important role in building relationships. According to ladies, when a man is in high spirits and smiles, he gives them a piece of happiness and shares it with others.

Boring guys

Many women believe that a man shouldn’t be boring. Girls often fall in love with witty guys who have a good sense of humor.

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