E-cigarettes On A Steady Pique In Today’s Britain

E-cigarettes On A Steady Pique In Today’s Britain

The vape market in Britain reportedly shows a steady rise in recent times. With e-cigarettes commanding great momentum as healthier alternatives to regular cigarettes with their carcinogenic-free nicotine- smart smokers are increasingly turning to smart vapers. Market studies have revealed that currently there are around 1, 552 vapers in England, Wales and Scotland compared to 340 back in 2012.

The easy availability of electronic cigarettes all around from slick dispensaries to street side vendors, has also nudged the rise.

Choices have grown too. Today the vapers are able to have their pick from a wide range of exotic flavors such as Alice in Vapeland (with hint of cereal and milk) to Baba Napoletano (that reminds of yummy rum-soaked cakes straight from Neapolitan cookbook). However, when it comes to average vapers, they mostly stick to tobacco and menthol, as noted by Britain’s one of the leading e-cigarette manufacturers.

“People seek for a usual ambience while they are trying hard to quit. With electronic cigarettes, they are getting the same nicotine hit which they crave for in a regular cigarette, but this time without the carcinogenic components.”

As per the data from a reputed research firm in the country, Britons spent nearly 800 million pounds in nicotine vaping last year, compared to a mere 50 million pound estimate back in 2011. Apart from Britain, e-cigarettes are also popular among other European nations such as Germany and French but Britain stands top when it comes to vaping consumption of late.

Analysts reckon that it’s the economical quotient attached to electronic cigarettes which has made it more popular among the Britons. Heavy taxes imposed on regular cigarettes in the country have made them most expensive across the world. On the other hand, nicotine vaping costs as much as 90 percent less compared to smoking around 20 regular white sticks a day.

It’s the affordability of the electronic cigarettes which has led to increased vape shops in the poorer regions of the country. Reports show more number of vape shops (3x) in north-west than in London. According to a recent study by Leuven University, electronic cigarettes are making people quit tobacco smoking even when they had no such intention initially. The poor manual labourers are reaping the maximum advantage here as they now have their nicotine hit from electronic cigarettes but at a much lower cost compared to the expensive regular cigarettes- not to forget the added health benefit of carcinogenic-free nicotine which forms the essence of e-cigarettes.

Besides, electronic cigarettes are also acceptable in the public places such as restaurants, bars or cafes, where regular cigarettes are not allowed. The smoke-free ambience promised by the vaping products plays a big role here. Moreover, EU regulations are soon to make the electronic cigarettes more childproof by limiting size of nicotine hit.

Winding up, it should be mentioned that the experts have recently notified about good & bad nicotine. Their research shows the existence of two types of nicotine in the market- one is pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and the other one is food-grade nicotine. Obviously the pharma-grade option is purer compared to the other option as food-grade nicotine is allegedly laden in impure cheap pesticides.

It’s the nicotine juice inside the electronic cigarettes which enters the vaper’s body and hence the experts suggest a preventive check on the grade of nicotine offered by chosen e-cigarette kits before purchase.

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