Effects Of Drug Cocktail

Common drugs are readily available at the pharmacy counter without a prescription and people often buy drugs without consulting the doctor. This may not be apparently lethal but sometimes can cause potentially dangerous results. And in some extreme cases death results because of impulsive decision trigger by stress or other extreme form of hurt. For example someone can’t bear pain of back pain and to assuage it, takes a double dose of narcotic painkiller. And adding insult to the injury pop up some antidepressant to cool the nerves. This type of mixture could be fatal and take the thing worse at its extreme.

Drug Cocktail

Narcotic painkillers, sedative, sleeping pills are the biggest threat to life but even over the counter drugs and as for a matter dietary supplement can prove to be fatal if consume excessively. The most lethal of all is to mix drugs and mistakenly think that it can cure the problem fast and effectively. The liver and kidney function in older people are not like the young people and therefore drugs stay in the system for a longer period results more complications.

To reduce the risk of misuse, accidental overdoses, or drug interactions, follow these steps:

1. Always consume narcotic pain relievers with a consultation with your doctor and don’t double the drug if the pain is unbearable. Ask doctor for another drug or any other recommendation but experiment with your own reason could be lethal.

2. If your daily medication includes all antidepressant, pain killers and sleeping pills then ask the doctor for timing schedule and whether two or more medicines can be taken together or not.

3. If you are suffering from any respiratory illness, avoid sedatives because sedatives can depress breathing.

4. Carry a complete list of prescription medicines, OTC drugs, and dietary supplement and ask your doctor about their potentialities and risk factors.

5. It often happens that when you consult several doctors after a brief interval, you have to consume different drugs. Ask your doctor whether the drug duplicates or interacts with any other drug you take.

6. Don’t save medications prescribe for short-term problems such as the painkiller you used after a surgery and continue to use even in other problems. And don’t share other’s people drugs in case of emergency. It is always better to consult a doctor before sharing a drug even the chemical composition is same.

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