Ginseng properties for balanced energy and stress

Balanced energy and stress – Used for over five thousand years for its physical restorative properties, the ginseng plant is popular for its ability to reduce fatigue, stress, mental anguish and anxiety. This ancient herbal remedy is thought to calm the mind and boost the body physically.

Ginseng properties for balanced energy and stress

In ancient China, the ginseng root was believed to be a source of youth and longevity. In North America, the native peoples have their own remedies for digestive and bronchial problems made from a different species of ginseng. In 1679, an English priest began exporting ginseng to Britain after learning of its valuable medicinal effects from Native Americans.

There are now three main species that are used medicinally: Panex ginseng, which is Chinese or Korean in origin, American ginseng and Siberian ginseng. Ginseng comes from the Chinese word for the plant, yenshen that translates as “roots of man” while panex mean “panacea” or “cure-all.” It takes between five to seven years before a ginseng root is considered useable, with older plants being more potent and thus more valuable.

Boost Balanced Energy and Regulate Blood Glucose

Research is still determining why and how the healing properties of ginseng are effective, but its diverse and relatively safe pharmalogical effects have been reported for thousands of years. It is used in contemporary herbal medicine as a stimulant to aid metabolism and to help regulate blood glucose levels. Ginseng is also popularly being used as an balanced energy booster, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant due to its saponin content, and for its capacity to increase circulation and balance the cardiovascular system, as well as an aphrodisiac.

Though the root of the ginseng plant is the main part used in traditional medicine, the leaves have also been discovered to regulate blood sugar levels.

Ginseng has a balancing effect on hormone production by adrenal glands. This is why ginseng is often found in supplements for PMS and menopause. Ginseng is not a stimulant like caffeine so it does not cause the jitters. On the contrary this herb helps the body adapt to stress and increases balanced energy gently, resulting in overall well-being.

Ginseng May Reduce Flu Symptoms, Improve Blood Circulation

Siberian ginseng has a documented history in Russia in reducing flu symptoms, respiratory disease, hypertension, and ischemic heart disease. As it improves blood circulation throughout the body, ginseng also reduces headaches, circulatory problems and warms chronically cold hands and feet.

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Medicinal Uses for Balanced Energy

Ginseng also has several medicinal uses, including the following:

relieves symptoms of tension and stress such as headaches and muscle stiffness
improves circulation of blood in the body and fights heart disease
has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
aids in metabolism and decreases fatigue
helps in mental concentration and focus

Is Ginseng Safe?

Ginseng, like other herbs, should be taken with proper guidelines and dosages; speak to your physician before taking herbal supplements. Some research suggests that ginseng may raise blood pressure levels in some individuals.

Do not take ginseng at night as it may induce insomnia in some people. The effects of ginseng have also not been studied in children and pregnant or nursing mothers, and it should be avoided.

The Natural Energy Healing Techniques of Injuries

People get injured every day. Injuries can result in automobile accidents, slips and falls, work injuries, or personal injuries. Chiropractic care is a natural energy healing techniques form that does not used medicine to heal the body.

What is Chiropractic Care

In general, chiropractic care is a medical field that focuses primarily on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. The most common pain that chiropractors help with are back pain, neck pain, sciatica and headaches. Chiropractors can treat several injuries especially sports injuries. There are several chiropractic clinics that have physical therapy and massage therapy for those individuals needing multiple treatments. One might say that these three things go hand in hand.

Chiropractors, or DCs, are people that use hands on treatment instead of medicines and drugs. The treatment includes an exam, X-rays, diagnosis and treatment. The most common therapeutic procedure performed by a chiropractor is an adjustment, or spinal manipulation. This is all the “back popping” that other people may refer to.

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Adjustments help to restore the patient’s joint mobility that has been caused by a tissue injury. Tissue injuries can occur in several ways such as improperly lifting any heavy object and repetitive stresses (sitting in a poor position that hurts the spine). Tissue injuries can cause severe pain and inflammation to the body. In some cases, a patient has limited range of motion due to the injury.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care in Energy Healing Techniques

There are many people in America that feel like chiropractic care is a hoax. Some people may wonder how a simple back and neck adjustment can cure an injury. It’s simple. There are several benefits of chiropractic care, including the following:

helps the body destress and relax
reduces chance of injury
reduces soreness and pain, as well as muscle spasms and recovery time
increases an athletes training effectiveness
increases circulation and flexibility
increases delivery of nutrients and oxygen

When a chiropractor sees a patient for the first time, they take a more holistic approach to the treatment plan. Chiropractors believe that when he or she finds the cause of the pain, it will provide significant long term benefits.

There are 24 discs in the spine. They must have movement in order to gain nutrition. In time, if there is not much movement, the spine will degenerate and cause pain. One’s range of motion will decrease, and some people may go to his or her family physician when there is pain. Pain medication is usually given, but this is just like a band-aid. The pills cover up the pain temporarily, but if someone wants the pain gone long term then he or she should go see a chiropractor. Most chiropractic clinics accept most major medical insurance.

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