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Health benefits of Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is a traditional hatha yoga techniques and it was synthesized by Bikram Choudhury in the early 1970s. It is equipped with twenty-six postures and two of which are include breathing exercises.

It is said practicing Bikram yoga thrice a week for eight weeks in continuation improves flexibility and deadlift strength in an individual. It is also said some amount of fat is lost too with the yoga.

Health benefits of bikram Yoga

In one of the earlier researches it was found Bikram yoga helps women in burning about 330 calories in just a 90-minute session. Similarly, men too can lose about 460 calories of fat in a 90-minute session doing the Bikram yoga.

Bikram yoga helps in systematically moving fresh and oxygenated blood in our body, to each organ and fiber. It helps in restoring all the systems to healthy working order. It is said the yoga helps in keeping proper weight, vibrant good health, muscle tone, and also a sense of well being.

Benefits of bikram yoga for women

Women get obvious and unexpected benefits from yoga for their body, mind and spirit. If believed to Colleen Saidman, international yoga expert, it offers joy, reflection, solace, acceptance and ease. Yoga helps in finding emotional and physical balance apart from self-acceptance. It helps in connecting to the inner radiance. It helps in appreciating the miracle of women body, truly love oneself and shed negative habits.

Benefits of bikram yoga for men

Doing yoga for men is like a workout that covers every muscle, organ and joint. It oxygenates blood and creates more energy. It pushes personal boundaries by increasing muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. It strengthens immunity too at cellular level and improves internal defense system as well. Study suggests doing yoga daily as a routine also helps to eat healthier, have better sex and get ahead at work.

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  • Vanangamudi Pandian

    Generally Yoga is good for physical and mental health. Even though there are so many types of yoga, the yoga taught in the name of bikram yoga is somewhat different and much effective in
    systematically moving fresh and oxygenated blood in our body which will in turn improve our overall health.

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