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How acupuncture helps in weight loss

Today, many people are striving hard to get rid of their excess body weight and there are also many who have tried everything to lose the weight. Right from hitting the gyms to doing excessive work outs and consuming zero fat diet, but still not happy with the results. There are simply many factors responsible for excess weight and excess eating is just a one factor.

How acupuncture helps in weight loss
How acupuncture helps in weight loss

The obsessed people tend to have more craving for food than a regular person. They look bulky because of the excess fat that is accumulated in their body. Therefore those who want to have a weight loss should start first with the fat loss. Some of the common reasons for weight gain are the hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition, slow metabolism, and lack of physical exercises and workouts.

You might have heard about the acupuncture therapy before. For your information, it is more than 5000 year old Chinese therapy for treating various human body disorders. Acupuncture is quite similar to the Acupressure, but the treatment approach is quite different. In the Acupuncture therapy some small sharp needles were inserted in the body on various triggers points. The idea behind this therapy is to release the substantial energy from different hidden energy meridians in the body by tapping them through a needle. Of course it s quite a painful therapy, but have a substantial results.

It is been said that the needles were inserted directly in the energy points in the skin that releases the energy and which improves the metabolic forces and thus body itself has been able to treat any kind of disorder or a disease.

How acupuncture help in weight loss?

Acupuncture usually trigger four important trigger points that are the hunger point, Shen Men point, stomach point, and endocrine point. A very tiny sterilized needle is inserted in each of the pressure point along these invisible channels to reduce the “heat” gathered along these meridians and to stimulate centers that trigger the release of neuro chemicals and hormones.

Essential things to consider for weight loss through Acupuncture

  • Acupuncture therapy for weight loss requires lot of skills and experience with observation therefore this therapy should always been carried by a professional acupuncturist who is having a good experience in treating other patients for weight loss.
  • The course duration of acupuncture therapy for weight loss depends on patient to patient. It is not necessary that every patient can be benefited with in a fixed time frame. Normally acupuncture therapy consists of at least 10 sessions spanning over four weeks at the initial stage than later as per the progress you physician will guide you for the upcoming sessions. Though, best thing a patient could do is to never stop the therapy in between and always consult before stopping the therapy with the doctor.

Patient must inform their therapists if they are taking any parallel medical treatments for weight loss along with the acupuncture therapy. Though, there is no reported substance or negative

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