OMG! Service Dogs Can Smell Infection, Know Diabetes In Owners

Service dogs are working animals. They are trained for special purpose like to help people with various disabilities and the owner with daily tasks. Below are some of those in details:

service dog


Specially trained dogs guide blind people and keep the person out of harm’s way. It spots and even cleans possible obstacles. It helps the owner to cross busy streets safely and guide to use public transportation. The so called guide dogs help an individual to safely move around indoors and perform tasks.


The signal dogs help deaf owners in the daily task like to inform when someone is calling on phone or when the door bell rings. It alerts the person when there is a siren sound and assists when other sounds are heard. It makes different types of contact to make the owner what sound he has heard.


working dog

Service dogs also can stand as guard to owner who is having a seizure. It provides physical support when the person lacks balance. In some cases it is also found the dogs can predict seizures and are able to warn the owner before seizure happens so that he or she can sit down or move to safe place.


Diabetic people are also helped by service dogs. It is yet to be known how the dogs detect low or high blood sugar levels, but they can respond to the situation. It is guessed the dogs can smell changes in the sweat or breathe of the owner and can understand spikes or dips in levels. It helps diabetic owner to stay independent and enjoy a better life.

Physical disabilities

Some service dogs even help owners with physical disabilities by performing routine tasks for them that otherwise they can’t do on their own. It can open doors, turn on lights, press elevator and more such tasks. It can pull wheelchairs, pick up items from floor, carry objects and can support the owner having trouble with balance.

service dog - working dog

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Some of the service dogs can help under such condition by reminding the person to take medication. It can turn lights on or off too for the owner. Apart from the tasks the dogs can also provide consistent company to the person who has developed PTSD after a terrifying or life threatening even like military combat or rape.


Many service dogs can smell infection and can detect bacteria C difficile that causes diarrhea and many more types. It is to note testing infection costs about $800 million a year in the US. So, service dogs can prevent such cost too.

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