Your Next Trade Show Exhibition: Why Hiring Event Staff Matters

Why Hiring Event Staff Matters

For the first time you’ve been invited to exhibit at one of the most prestigious trade shows in your industry. This is an opportunity that must not be taken lightly. Instead of seeing this as a run-of-the-mill event, this event has the potential to increase your brand recognition within the industry and with consumers. Choosing to hiring event staff that can help you make the most of the trade show is an excellent approach. Here is what the right staff will accomplish.

Circulating Through the Crowd

One of the ways that hired event staff make a difference is mingling in the throng of event attendees. Make sure a few of the staff are not tethered to the exhibit booth proper. Their mission is to circulate through the crowd and engage attendees who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Those staff members can attract attention by wearing outfits related to your business in some manner. The costumes must be tasteful but they can also be whimsical and in keeping with the image you want to project. Along with the right mode of dress, these professionals can share just enough information to motivate people to stop by your booth. More traffic to your exhibit translates into more changes to build relationships.

Engagement at the Exhibit

What you want is more people stopping by the exhibit than you can handle at any given time. Some of your event staff can be focused on engaging people as they walk by, inviting them to step into the exhibit space, and offering them something that causes them to tarry while you are talking with someone else. Make sure the event staff has a list of relevant questions to work into the conversation and give the visitor one more reason to remain longer.

As you greet and interact with each new arrival in turn, your event staff will look for others to engage and have them ready for you to talk with next.

Support with the Exhibit Elements

You can expect the event staff to help you keep the exhibit in order. That means making sure video presentations are ready for the next person to visit, replenishing the brochures and giveaway items displayed on tables, and in general helping to maintain the look of your space. This is important, since visitors are more likely to remain a little longer if the space is tidy and everything they are interested in seeing is at hand.

Remember that you don’t have to manage such an important opportunity by yourself. Contact the professionals at the right Toronto event staffing agency and arrange to discuss the type of support you need. As you share more details, the team at the agency will have some ideas on the number of staff needed and what tasks they can assume. In no time at all, you’ll have professionals on hand who are able and ready to help you make your appearance at the trade show a triumph

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