Tips For Author: How To Face Media Interview For Book Promotion

If you are an author, it is important for you to promote your book to the maximum so that you get more good readers. One of the best ways of exposure is media interviews. Do not overestimate yourself when you are getting an opportunity to get interviewed for a TV channel or print media. Prepare yourself ahead of time and know the agenda of the interviewer. There are other tips too which you can consider before going for an interview. Meanwhile, it is also important to note that be in your fullest form even though it is your first interview or an interview for a local cable channel that is viewed by just small audience.

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Every media interview is important

Do not consider any media interview as inferior. All are very important, even if it is just a local access cable television show and the audience reach is very small, probably only limited to your locality. Each small step leads to a bigger success.

Nervousness is okay

Stage fright is okay. It is in fact beneficial and the rush will help in giving you a boost of energy. Take note that stage fright is a cup of tea to even most experienced authors.

Know what to say

It is important as you must be very clear what you are going to say in the interview. You must be ready to drill down whatever pints is asked in the interview and capable of elaborating on it.


Preparation should be on your card before going for an interview. Also, be attuned to the agenda of the interviewer.

Match pace of the interviewer

Don’t rush if the interviewer’s speech pace is slow and relaxed. In whatever condition you need to match the conversation pace. Don’t allow yourself to be rattled otherwise the interviewer can derail you. Stay connected to the message.

Maintain composure

Relay your credibility and this should be your key job while giving media interview. If the interviewer or host is not very professional, you should inform or entertain to the fullest and gracefully. Don’t base your exposure based on your first interview or hundredth, you should always turn it into an opportunity and you should build your audience with it. This would be a wonderful book promotion opportunity.


Whenever you get a chance for an interview, do not forget to congratulate yourself and try to maximize the book promotion potential.

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