5 Feng Shui Tips for a Better Garden

5 Feng Shui Tips for a Better Garden

You may already know that, according to the practice of feng shui, freeing your home of obstacles and clutter increases the beneficial flow of energy (known as“chi”) in your space, making every corner of your property a more positive place to be. But did you know that you can feng shui your garden too?

In fact, giving your garden the feng shui treatment could even improve the energy inside your home, according to traditional beliefs. Whether or not you subscribe to the full feng shui philosophy, there’s no denying that thinking carefully about your outdoor space and putting love and concentration into your garden makes it a happier, more positive and beautiful place to be.

Here are a few feng shui tips toimprove your garden layout:

  1. Know your zones
    Just like feng shui in the home, feng shui in the garden is based on a bagua, or energy map. The bagua defines different zones which represent different aspects of life.For example, the southwest portion of your garden is ideal for creating a sociable area for eating and drinking, as it’s the zone that represents love, relationships and peace. This is also a good spot for plants with pink, red, brown, yellow and white shades, as these complement the area’s energy.The money-oriented southeast area of your garden, meanwhile, is a great place for a water feature, which traditionally encourages abundance. Pottery Barn’s helpful grid will aid you in identifying what belongs where in your garden.2. Use water wisely

As a symbol of abundance, water features can be used in many zones of your garden, but must be used carefully. For instance, the materials that comprise your water feature should reflect the quality and elements represented by the zone you choose. In the southwest, for example, wealth should be represented and channeled by a soft wooden water feature, while in the west, creativity and fertility should be channeled by a metal water feature, ideally in a copper or silver shade.

3. Keep your garden neat
From broken benches to smashed pots and straggling weeds, a damaged or messy garden attracts bad energy. Maintain your outdoor spaces in good condition throughout the year to ensure their energy is nothing but positive.

4. Plant lucky flowers and trees
There are many auspicious flowers and trees in feng shui, all of which are said to attract positive vibes, especially when they’re planted in the correct sections of your garden according to the bagua.

Peonies, for example, are considered to be very important in Chinese traditions, symbolizing riches and honor. These lovely spring flowers are best planted in the southwest to attract positive relationships. Beautifully scented plum-colored blossoms, representing good fortune and longevity, should be planted in the north area of your garden, which symbolizes your career and your path in life.

5. Feel the feng shui
Does your garden look and feel beautiful to you? The chances are your feng shui is just right. There are a lot of complex rules that go into this Chinese system of harmony, but they’re really all about creating positive, useful environments that make you feel good. Sit and enjoy your garden for a moment to make sure you’ve perfected your feng shui. If something doesn’t feel quite right, it’s time for some pruning, but otherwise—let it grow!

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