Top Tips How To Use Smartphone Safely while driving car

How to drive safely using smartphone is the call of the time even though it is learned many don’t follow technology rules. Below are some of the best, editor picked tips that will help you to be safe on road. Have a look and suggested to follow strictly.

car smartphone tips

Using Vent mount

The Insignia Vehicle Mount is priced tagged $20 and is one of the best I have used as the plasticbrackets grips tightly a smartphone or a phablet even though it is a bit harder to install compared some other vent mount. However, one sinle downside of vent mounts are that it blocks the vent.

vent mount

Dashboard/windshield mount is preferred

A bit pricey, but Logitech ZeroTouch tagged at $80 is one of the best if you are looking to mount the smartphone on dashboard or windshield. It sticks perfectly to the dash best and also does not need any magnet to be attacked on the phone device or case. It is high-tech.

CD slot mount though outdated but still exist

These days car come without a CD player, but if you have decade old model, you can mount the smartphone on top of the main console. One of the big names is Anker’s CD Slot Magnetic Car Mount and it comes for just $13 in the upmarket. You can either opt for magnetic or non-magnetic version. Both are equally good.

Aux stereo without Bluetooth has a solution

Get Anker SoundSync Drive for $27 and connect your phone with it via Bluetooth so that you can route your phone calls, music and turn-by-turn navigation prompts through sound system.

Switching to Android phones if not Apple’s device

google assistant

It is better to switch over to Android phones as it comes with superior in-car apps. You can check the native Android Auto app too of Google. It serves all the purpose that one requires in a car. Launching it will open up Google Maps, phone calls and music too like Spotify, Pandora and Google Play. It comes with notifications feature too. Google Assistant feature is best on Android phones as you can use the device with just voice commands. Voice recognition of it is simply great.

Apple’s iPhone has Siri voice assistance

If you are using iPhone, you will be a bit disappointed as Android Auto app is not available on the iOS mobile operating system. However, the best part of it is its voice assistant Siri. You can control music and maps with voice command.

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