How AI Is Emerging To Check Hacks In Real-Time

Data leak has growingly been common in past few years over the web including the biggest Yahoo accounts breach that exposed millions of users. Security professionals are working constantly to combat with such high-profile hackers and luckily artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as an ally to be vigilant at all times.

artificial intelligence

A new report writes AI look for patterns in behavior and it keeps on alerting about the new threats even though still the machine learning tool is way far from perfection. It is claimed massive data models can spot hacking faster than humans.

According to co-founder and CEO of biometric security company HYPR, George Avetisov, some AI solutions are being built around cyber security analytics.

He added the AI is helping in speeding up the work of data breach discovery and potential threats which otherwise was very slow for humans.

how ai checks hacking

Avetisov further said that companies for decades have been using rules-based engine that does not learn about new threats. The AI on the other hand does so in real-time by analyzing large data sets that fragments and overlaps with one another.

The role of humans is such scenario is to weed out false positives and ensure the data sets fed into an AI engine are robust and accurate. It can be said the AI is equally intelligent to data that it is tasked to analyze. This results with adapting one’s own security infrastructure.

As of now the AI is used for malware detection and spotting the phishing attacks apart from blocking brute-force instrusions, but in later stages it could be added to services on which we always rely.

A small example can be seen in the Gmail mailing service. the artificial intelligence can be tasked to scan countless variables of an email that looks legitimate like looking from which IP address it is originating, knowing the location data, reading the word choice as well as phrasing of sentences, and several other factors before alerting user about a phishing scam.

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SAP NS2 enterprise security company’s CEO and president Mark Testoni said the artificial intelligences can also quantify the level of threats that is only possible doing so by humans until now.

However, everything should not be seen as rosy as the hacking community too are learning on AI and so they may also put to work the machine learning tool in finding weak endpoints.

Beware, a different level of hacking and counter-hacking in on the card in near future.

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