Top 5 best and most used CAD apps for Smartphone – 2016

Top 5 Best used CAD apps

The world is mitigating from the computer world to the mobile world. Relying on desktops or laptops for tiny things has become an old fashion. With many innovations happening in the mobile age, every operation is being done by mobile with ease of use, and this in fact reduces the time and effort that takes to operate your computer. Also, in emergencies, you get caught up with no comfort to open the computer and therefore that’s when you need the apps that work smoothly on mobile. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is no robot science in this. Therefore, here are few amazing CAD apps that can help you do your work easily.

Auto desk and Bentley have been the leaders of CAD community, and they recognized how essential it is to have the on-the-go CAD apps. That’s how the graphic designers have developed the mobile CAD apps and here are the best 5 out of them which are either compatible with Android or iOS or both.

AutoCAD 360: Being the best of the CAD apps, Auto desk’s AutoCAD 360 is quite rich regarding features and UI. CAD users can view DWG files, draft through the mobile or edit virtually. It also integrates the cloud feature making it possible to save the file to the cloud.
Niche: Graphic designers
OS: Android and iOS
Price: Free

PadCAD Lite: If you’re handling a small scale project, go for PadCAD Lite as you can use this 2D/3D minimalistic software just with the help of few tools. The process is entirely easy, and it simplifies the complications with automatic tools. Used mostly by interior designers, furniture assemblers, and architects, it has got a vast domain of features.
Niche: Interior Designers and Architects.
Cost: Free for only iPad users.

iDesign: As the name says, the CAD apps that start with ‘i’ are exclusive for iOS users. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod and it handles only 2D drawings. The supporting file formats are DXF and DWG and therefore one can export or import files from complex CAD software into it for editing.
Niche: Engineers and Architects
Price: $7.99

GstarCAD MC PRO: If you want to share your designs on iOS/Android devices without any effort, GstarCAD MC Pro is for you. It is used for editing and mobile viewing. The main purpose is that it simplifies the sharing process of DXF and DWF files while working on the same project.
Niche: CAD Drafters
OS: iOS and Android
Price: $6.99

eDrawings Pro: Exclusive for viewing 3D models in 1.1 scales, this CAD app provides the realistic view of the models and can be termed as an augmented reality tool. It supports both DXF and DWG files and therefore can be best used for presentations.
Niche: Engineers, Designers and Architects.
OS: iOS and Android
Price: $9.99

Therefore, choose one that suits your purpose the best among the above listed CAD apps and make your drafting, editing and viewing experience simpler and effortless anywhere and anytime. While some of them are free, some of them are worth every single buck you’re spending for.


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