Serena Williams being engaged to Reddit’s Co Founder, Alexis Ohanian

Who is this Alexis Ohanian, if you ask? Well, if you are well equipped with Reddit; you might have heard of this man once or twice. Why is Serena Williams linked with him and why is she dating him? This was the headline asked in the last year as a part of the Slate Magazine. Mr Alexis Ohanian is one of the founders (Co-founder) of Reddit and on the last Thursday precisely on 29th Dec 2016; Serena Williams planned to marry him on his asking.

The Evergreen Tennis Star and one of the famous twins have finally announced her engagement to Mr Alexis Ohanian. Being the co-founder of Reddit which claims the front page label of the internet.

The Reddit post included a drawing of Snoo, the site’s mascot, dressed as Mr. Ohanian and stooping with a precious stone in its grasp. A female Snoo, styled after Ms. Williams and wearing a tennis skirt, Nike top and headband, glided above him with a grin all over. Over the photo was the feature, “Future Mrs. Kn0thing.” It was a gesture to the site and its group: Mr. Ohanian has long passed by the handle Kn0thing.

Serena Williams

In free verse, Ms. Williams, whose record is confirmed on the site, portrayed the proposition on the “isaidyes” subreddit, which is devoted to engagement stories. Mr. Ohanian ringed in the remarks: “And you made me the most joyful man on the planet.”

I came home / A little late / Someone had a bag packed for me / And a carriage awaited/ Destination: Rome / To escort me to my very own “charming” / Back to where our stars first collided / And now it was full circle / At the same table we first met by chance / This time he made it not by chance / But by choice/ Down on one knee/ He said 4 words / And / r/isaidyes.

Serena Williams in New York in September. Credit Danny Ghitis for The New York Times

Ms. Williams, 35, is one of the best American competitors dynamic today, and is the most generously compensated female competitor on the planet. She won her first Grand Slam singles title at 17 in 1999, and this year won her 22nd. She has spent over 300 weeks at No. 1; a late keep running of 186 back to back weeks in the top spot finished in September. Ms. Williams has not played a match on visit since losing in the elimination rounds of the United States Open in September. She wants to open her tennis season one week from now in Auckland, New Zealand.

Serena Williams 01

Despite the fact that Mr. Ohanian, 33, is essentially less notable by the all inclusive community, he too has ascended to the highest point of his field since beginning the site that would get to be Reddit with his school flat mate, Steve Huffman, 11 years back. The site was pitched to the start-up hatchery Y Combinator and was procured by Condé Nast only 16 months after it started. In 2010, Mr. Ohanian joined Mr. Huffman at another organization, Hipmunk. In 2013, he composed a book about the force of the web called “Without Their Permission.”

Mr. Ohanian additionally posted the news on his Facebook page. In a meeting with Vogue in July, Ms. Williams was requested that recognize the most sentimental thing a man had ever accomplished for her. “It hasn’t happened yet,” she answered. But now, Serena is all set to wed Mr. Ohanian.


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