What can I do with a English Literature degree in India?

English Literature degree Career Options

Doing an English Literature degree in India is no less than deciding to be a begger. Well, that’s what most of our parents think. At least the ones with a stereotypical mindset (The ones who are obsessed with Engineering and Science degrees). Fortunately, it is not what the reality is. A literature degree has the ability can make the book you’re reading into an alluring career and if that’s not awesome; I don’t know what else is? The career domain of an English Literature degree is vast with a range of new areas.


English Literature degree is a non-vocational course which means it improves you as a person by giving you a set of all rounded skills and individuals who study the course can choose different careers instead of training for a particular job like a sheep in the herd. The skills included in the English Literature degree are:

  1. Writing Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Understanding Complexity (This is same for the students of Human Sciences).
  4. Research Abilities.
  5. Presentation Skills.

Career Options:

  • Journalism and Media: Many journalists just get into the field with a mere English Literature degree. The reason why they are given the jobs is because of their ability to write concisely and clearly after researching on a particular subject. It doesn’t have to be writing for an online press, sometimes you can write for TV stations, Radio stations, Online news portals However, to get into media; you might as well need to experience the media network as a student and gain some authentic experience along with your degree. This is the same as doing a training in your science/engineering course. In case if you’re interested in it, you can consider being a postgraduate in the same field.
  • Publishing: An English Literature graduate can understand books and therefore will have high demand in the Publishing industry. Right from being a temporary copy writer, proof reader, editor or editorial assistant; you can have a whole set of jobs involved in publishing where you will get commissions based on your role.
  • PR & Advertising: The ability to make a persuasive argument is taught through out the English Literature degree and this is very crucial in the PR & Advertising field. You can put your skills to be an advertising writer or for dealing with people during face-offs. Public Relations officer or Press officer could be a splendid job as well.
  • Teaching: No better career option that a teacher. If your love for literature is flooding, it’s best to share it with other. You can know the books inside out and you will also develop communication skills over the period with perfect grammar and spellings. Just get a teaching qualification after engineering and you’re set to be with the kids your whole life making them better persons.
  • Arts: After all, literature is an amusing art. You can end up writing a beautiful book and who knows? You might even become a best seller even. Apart from that, you can try writing for art gallaries, museums, businesses, various websites, fund seeking organizations or you can write stories of other people by getting into the Humanities Section.

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