Top 5 Tennis Players of all time – The FAB 5 forever!

top 5 tennis players of all time

Tennis. A game that has been globally popular straight after Cricket and Football takes a soul in playing and even in watching. Most of us have spent their childhood trying to get hold of this of the game and honestly, there is no better physical exercise than playing Tennis. While it’s not as strategic as Cricket and it doesn’t require as much muscle strength as Football, it’s a balanced combination of both which is why it has many spectators. While that is there, there are many legendary tennis players who have been making the game impeccable as it is. Here are the top 5 tennis players of all time.

Roger Federer: There can be no question about who as of now merits the title of the best. A record 17 Grand Slam titles – and checking – would be sufficient to present Federer’s defense, yet the Swiss ace is more than just trophies. At the point when the fixated club player goes to rest around evening time, they long for just once having the capacity to play like Federer. An amazing record of, before Wimbledon this year, having come to 36 Grand Slam quarterfinals says a lot, for his managed splendor, as well as for the beauty with which he played and moved which empowered him to maintain a strategic distance from the wounds that affected a lot of his contemporary players. However, he stands first in the top 5 tennis players.

Rafael Nadal: Eight French Open titles imply that the man from Mallorca can decisively case to be the best dirt court player ever, yet he has turned out to be far beyond simply the ace of the terre battue. All through his vocation Nadal has shown a tireless assurance to battle for each indicate as well as continually enhance himself as a player and turn into a victor on all surfaces.

Novak Djokovic: While those beneath him on this list of top 5 tennis players have won more than 6 Grand Slams, it is difficult to make light of the test that Djokovic has confronted in contending in the best period men’s tennis has ever seen. That he has completed as the world No. 1 for as long as two years is an unfathomable accomplishment given the nearness of Federer, Nadal, and Andy Murray.

Rod Laver: Had this rundown included accomplishments before the Open-period then it is likely that the “Rocket” will have been considerably higher on the rundown. Having won a timetable year Grand Slam in 1962, the Australian then put in six years as an untouchable in the wake of settling on the choice to turn proficient, which made him ineligible to contend in the Grand Slams.

Bjorn Borg: Storing up 11 Grand Slam titles is a mind boggling accomplishment, and that is before you consider the way that they were all accomplished by one day after Borg’s 25th birthday. After an year of his retirement, later in 1983 sent shockwaves through tennis as well as through the most extensive world where the Swede with the streaming fair bolts had turned out to be a remarkable big name.

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