5 Ways to Reduce Your Garage Clutter

Garage Clutter 5 Ways to Reduce Your Garage Clutter

However good the intentions, a garage can often become a dumping ground for all unnecessary household clutter. Such an accumulation of stuff can make a garage decluttering seem like such an enormous task that it almost isn’t worth starting. Although it can seem pretty impossible, it really is easier than first thought, and once finished offers a whole new space to work in.

Reuse your old jars 

For many, when a favourite spread is finished the jar goes straight into the recycling bin; but an old jar can actually be a really great cost-effective storage solution. Repurposed jars are perfect for holding nails and screws. Their see-through nature comes in handy, making it easy to identify the contents and to know when you are running low and need a restock. It makes the chances of stepping on a nail far less likely, too!

Keep your floors free with old baskets

Stocking up on baskets can be a really effective way of making sure the garage floor doesn’t become a dumping ground. Having a different basket for different types of things will ensure they don’t become disorganised. The beauty of a basket over a box for storing small items comes in the handles. These make the basket extra portable and easy to hang saving some more of that precious floor space.

rack 5 Ways to Reduce Your Garage Clutter

Use your car’s bike rack to keep them tidy 

One of the larger items that can clutter up garage floors is old bikes. Not only does not having an effective bike storage system take up a lot of space, but it can also be damaging to the bike itself, making chain tangling much more likely.

To avoid this situation, use the cars storage rack to keep the bikes upright and tidy. The bike rack can either be left on the floor or if space is an issue attach the rack to the walls with some bolts.

Using garage shelving to reduce clutter 

Another great way of making sure that your garage doesn’t remain the household dumping ground is by investing in some garage shelving. The advantage of garage shelving over the traditional household shelves is its size. The length of the shelves and distance between them is much larger than a normal commercial wardrobe, meaning you have space to fit everything from power tools to garden equipment.

foldable work 5 Ways to Reduce Your Garage Clutter

A fold-up garage worktable

If the amount of stuff that has accumulated in your garage is more than expected, a great way of making the most out of the space you have is by installing a fold-up worktable. Not only does this mean you will have a space to use in the garage, but its fold-up aspect comes in very handy when it comes to clutter. Many worktables in garages become the first place clutter is put. A fold-up table is great for avoiding the situation, just make sure it is stored away after use and no-one will think of using it as a dumping ground. It also offers more options for space beneath it to be used for storage.

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