Love to Travel by Road? Your Bike Needs This

Love to Travel by Road - Your Bike Needs This

Ain’t bike promising enough to make your ride memorable? The sense of riding a bike keeps the blood pumping in your veins. You get Adrenalin rush when the wind brushes through your face. All the colors seem vivid and vibrant when the clocking high speeds on your odometer hit beyond a normal limit. Your bond with other mates grows deeper as you go out together, on a breakfast ride, dinner ride, and even trips.

Bikes are very economical and environmentally friendly. It comes handy to cut through the traffic and saves time. While the picturesque experience and rugged adventure are worth reminiscing, it is your responsibility to keep your bike in good condition.

For instance, just like you need health insurance for your good health, your bike needs bike insurance.

Here is what your bike needs as you continue riding it and explore the world around:

  • Regular servicing

At its core, a motorcycle is nothing else but a machine. Just like any other machine, it also undergoes wear and tear with usage.

Regular servicing plays an integral part in the smooth operation and maintenance of your bike. It includes replacing engine oil, checking brakes and other functionalities of your bike to keep it running smoothly like a clock. A regularly serviced bike also helps you save your petrol bills because of an improvement in its fuel efficiency.

So, make sure you take out time for regular bike servicing. Ask your service center to check possible oil leakage, brakes, horns, clutch and similar other parts to keep them running.

Your bike need this

  • Tyre Replacement

With continuous use over time, bike’s tyres lose their surface grip and become slippery. Because of this, the risk of meeting with an accident increases.

Hence, keeping a check on your bike’s tyres is crucial. You should check your tyre treads at least once a month. Replace one or both the tyres with the new ones whenever needed. Also, avoid delay in getting them replaced to save some money.

Furthermore, make sure that the air pressure in the tyres is well maintained.

  • Cleaning

You won’t like to ride a dirty bike full of dust across its surface. Neither the bike looks good in such a condition.

Your bike needs regular cleaning to look new and stylish. Before you start cleaning the bike, ensure that the start switch unit, H.T. Loop and silencer are secured altogether by using a plastic sheet. Also, avoid keeping your bike in direct sunlight after the wash as it may dull the appearance of your bike.

  • Insurance

Bike insurance is one of the most important things you must have to safeguard your bike. There are always chances of clash and collision that can cause you a physical injury and severe damage to your bike. Getting such damages repaired might cost a significant amount to your pockets. This is why, both you and your bike should be well-insured with a suitable bike insurance plan.

There are many reputable insurers like TATA AIG, which provides additional add-on benefits like coverage for emergency medical, consumer covers and personal accidents. You can choose these add-ons to strengthen the policy further.

Ensure Bike’s Safety with the Right Insurance Plan

 Being a lover of speed and adventure might have made you think you have a long road ahead to explore. However, it also demands regular maintenance of your bike. A bike insurance plan with adequate cover can help you avoid financial worries in case of accidents and mishaps. Also, you can even opt for long term bike insurance to get several other benefits as well.

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