Top Six Online Game Updated You Can’t Miss


Online bingo games have become popular nowadays more than even the old bingo halls where people used to crowd to get a piece of the fun. Online bingo is popular as it’s played anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Many bingo platforms allow players to access the game from a variety of gadgets, including computers, laptops, mobile phones, and even smart TVs.

The games are accessible from the comfort of your living room or at a leisure spot so long as you are online. Online bingo sites also provide some anonymity to the players that are both calm and reassuring, unlike the once famed bingo halls.

The online bingo sites more often than not have android and iPhone apps which one can install on their devices for a more eccentric experience on the online bingo platforms. These applications will often undergo updates. Below is a list of updates you should check out for;


1. Mega bingo Game 

Mega bingo, created by MegaJogos, released an update in July 2020. It is in the board games category of bingo.

Its features include;

  • A variety of different rooms for different player levels
  • Regular rankings
  • Multiplayer modes to enjoy with your friends
  • Player search facility

The version of the update is 100.1.40. The app is freeware and can be downloaded on Google Play or APKFab.

2. Circus Bingo Game

Welcome to the most artistic show of magic, dance, acrobatics, humour and pirouettes ever seen. We bring you the new version of Circus Bingo by MGA Games, a production solely created to amuse its users. Extravagant wardrobes, make-up and flashy wigs are what makes the clown, our unique character. He will entertain us with his tricks and jokes during the entire show.

A new update is available from June 2020. It includes a smoother interface and transitions.


3. Buffalo Bingo

MGA Games brings back its wildest video bingo fully adapted to all devices, Buffalo Bingo! One of the great classics by MGA Games now 100% mobile from July 2020.

Delve into this new adventure across vast plains, camp alongside a herd of terrifying buffaloes, and learn how to master it to get the maximum reward! Triple View and ergonomic and adaptive buttons to make you enjoy this new release by MGA Games like never before.

4. Bingo Abradoodle 

Designed by Abradoodle, Bingo game is exciting and simple.

It has features like;

  • Fun themes and rooms to explore
  • Powerups to boost your game
  • Win! Great bingo chances
  • Complete collectible stamps for bonuses
  • Multi bingos – single, double, MEGA bingos!
  • Play up to 4 cards

Abradoodle bingo is available on Google Play and iTunes.

5. Bingo Win: Play Bingo with Friends!

You can download and play this Board game Bingo Win: Play Bingo with Friends! by Best Bingo Casino Games for free on the Android Google Play Games Store.

6. Bingo Pop

Features include:

  • Exclusive bingo rooms where huge prizes can be won
  • Bonus points available throughout the game
  • High quality graphics
  • An offline mode where one can play without connectivity

This bingo app is available on Google Play

Online bingo game applications are critical to players as they make the experience of playing bingo better. They also enable features such as offline and multiplayer modes.

As with every software, online bingo game applications require updates from time to time. New bingo game applications are also developed each day. Diligent research is required to stay up to date with the new developments in Bingo games.

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