Guide to Choosing Airbnb Management Software

Guide to Choosing Airbnb Management Software

Why vacation rental hosts may need Airbnb management software? The answer is simple: what can be automated should be automated. Property management of your listings on Airbnb and similar platforms is a serious and effort-intense work. It includes physical presence, a never-ending control of employees and subcontractors, dealing with routine tasks, and a lot of office-like activities.

Airbnb management software can eliminate the headache of prompt responses to guests, planning, control, and organizational issues. It is especially useful for multiple property managers, as the number of things to keep under control can become overwhelming. Many hosts and professional Airbnb property managers use apps to facilitate their work and allow spending time on more important tasks.

What are the main Pros of Airbnb Management Software?

Airbnb management software is an easy-to-use and customizable application, which can be used on multiple devices. It helps to manage several accounts and several short-term rental properties at once, update booking calendars, create and save important information for auto-responses to guests, and to set reminders. Usually, such applications are not pricey, and the fee depends on the number of properties managed and the number of features unlocked. Some of the features are free. All that makes such softwares extremely useful.

We suggest conducting a simple test: try to take notes on how much time you spend on certain tasks: like manual messaging your guests, key management, cleaning management, property maintenance, and more. All that, and even more, can be automated, improved, or facilitated.

hosty Guide to Choosing Airbnb Management SoftwareGuide to Choosing Airbnb Management Software

What to Consider When Selecting the Airbnb Management Software?

The selection of the proper tool matching your needs and expectations may take some time. However, you can be certain that such a small time expenditure will relieve you from a lot of unnecessary work in the future. Here are the key aspects to keep in mind when choosing the best Airbnb management app for hosts:


Below we provide a list of features, which are most wanted by Airbnb hosts and are considered the most important in managing multiple short-term rental properties:

  • Automatic price setting

There are dozens of factors to pay attention to when it comes to adjusting the rental price. They include the season, days of the week, local events, economic situation, force majeure cases, offers of competitors, details of your booking calendar, and a lot more. For peak seasons the price can change several times a week or maybe even multiple times a day in comparison to slower winter months. The smart in-app algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) can predict the fluctuations and calculate the best price for the current time period. It helps you to avoid loss revenue in high-demand weeks and, at the same time, ensures maximum booking rates.

  • Facilitated communication with guests

Another great use of AI is messaging automation, suggestions, and readymade or custom templates for faster and simpler communication, response rate improvement, and getting a higher rank of your listings. Airbnb highly values hosts who are ready to provide prompt answers to guests and speed up the bookings, so it increases the chances for you to become a Superhost. Airbnb management software developers know that sometimes missing a request is like missing a guest. Set up autoresponders and save valuable templates to answer in a couple of taps or clicks.

  • Aggregating multiple accounts

For professional Airbnb managers or experienced hosts with 5-7-20 properties, who are kings and queens of multitasking Airbnb management solutions are a game-changer. Hosts and managers can access their active accounts and deal with the daily tasks from one account.

booking report Guide to Choosing Airbnb Management Software


  • Getting financial reports

To evaluate the financial performance of the Airbnb short-term rental business, managers can use specialized software as well. By monitoring the dynamics of revenue, losses, and analyzing full financial statements, you can make well-informed business decisions and plan out your activities, price policy and investment for the upcoming months and years.

  • Automatic reminders and facilitated delegation

With the help of Airbnb management software, hosts can schedule the cleaning, set up and send messages and reminders, and better plan their time and maintenance expenses. A lot of Airbnb business owners consider this feature useful since informing cleaners about check-outs, calculating the fees and scheduling can be a headache.


If you are looking for a reliable provider of Airbnb management software pay attention to reputable products and avoid new and no-name brands. Flawlessly working synchronization, extended functionality, reliability, and reasonable pricing is what you need to pay attention to. Also, you can contact a trusted Airbnb management agency site to assist you in selecting the proper software, install and customize it.

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