10 Essential Tips to Make your Puppy Get Used to its New RFID Chip Implant

10 Essential Tips to Make your Puppy Get Used to its New RFID Chip Implant

Everyone who loves their pets will be familiar with the fear of them potentially being stolen or getting lost. Puppies are small, so it can be tough to track them down when they aren’t visible because they are hiding somewhere for example. However, thanks to advancements in technology, pets can be tracked quite accurately when they go astray. When the idea of implanting RFID microchips was introduced, it quickly became popular across the globe. Today, if you visit any pet store, you will be navigated towards someone who fits the small chip in the dog’s neck. Unfortunately, this process can in seldom cases be a bit painful, so you’ll want to prepare your pet. Here, in this feature, we will guide you through a few valuable tips to get your puppy used to the new chip. Make sure to read till the end:

1. Provide a Clean and Protective Environment

The first and the most obvious thing to do is to choose a protective environment for your puppy. Keep in mind that the microchip implant in your dog’s neck might be a bit hard for puppies to get used to in the beginning. You can help them by providing them with a safe environment where they don’t have to be afraid of anything and feel loved. Secondly, the environment should be clean and tidy. This way, your puppy shouldn’t develop an infection or hurt itself accidentally.

2. Train Your Puppies About Staying Away from Potential HazardsFeed Your Dogs a Quality Diet 10 Essential Tips to Make your Puppy Get Used to its New RFID Chip Implant

Once you’re done with providing a clean and safe environment to your pets, the next step is to train them to stay away from potential threats to their health. GPS trackers can help you to make sure that they don’t enter certain danger zones. As a tracker for dogs might still be a bit too big for your puppy you can use a cat tracker to know about your furry friend’s whereabouts.


3. Feed Your Dogs a Quality Diet

Dogs have been known to run away when they don’t get the kind of food that they need. Now that you want your puppies to learn about the RFID chip you will understand that it takes time to make changes in their routine. Now is the right time for you to settle a quality diet plan for your dogs. This way, they won’t feel the need to run away from your house. Giving quality food to dogs is paramount for their health.

4. Teach Your Pets to Exercise

If your dog is having a difficult time adjusting to the new microchip implant, the best way for diverting them is to make them exercise. Buy them a couple of cute toys and exercising equipment. There are plenty of pet toys in the market such as balls, chew toys, puzzles, stuffed animals, ropes and a lot more. Engaging your pets with their new stuff, will improve your bond, and will help them forget about the tiny implant in their neck. With the size of a rice grain the microchip is so small that your pet’s mobility shouldn’t be impacted in any way so that after a short while they will have forgotten about the implant.

5. Take Your Pup to a Vet

Your veterinarian will provide you with the right details about taking care of your pet after it has been microchipped. If your dog is experiencing pain with the new chip even after a few days, it is essential that you take them to the doctor on time. Don’t forget to take a copy of the previous records of your dog’s check-ups. If your pet has suffered an injury in the last few weeks, it is essential for you to mention that to the veterinarian. This way, they will easily be able to guide you to the best possible solution for the pain.

Relationship with Your Dog 10 Essential Tips to Make your Puppy Get Used to its New RFID Chip Implant

6. Develop a Relationship with Your Dog

If you haven’t developed a relationship with your puppy, just yet, it might be difficult for you to make changes to their routine. Dogs are loved by millions of people across the globe because they develop such a strong bond with their owners easily. Communicate with your pet, show love, and make them understand the little pain that they might experience during the process of getting microchipped is not to punish them for something bad they did.

7. Don’t Overlook Their Grooming

As much as you think about yourself, you need to think for your puppies, too. After getting injected with a microchip a veterinarian might recommend you avoid grooming the dogs for some time. However, truth be told, you shouldn’t wait for more than three days. Dogs need to be groomed, as this and the routine of getting groomed is important for them.

8. Train Your Dog About How to Behave When a RFID Chip Scanning Is Done

Another simple way to make the dogs get used to the microchip is to train them how to behave when it’s scanned. Most animals begin to panic when a chip scan is conducted. So, when you train them how to behave during a microchip scan at the vet for example make them comfortable, play with them and teach them to stay firm during the process.

9. Be Mindful Enough When Giving Them a Bath

There have been seldom cases when dogs have struggled with the microchip causing reactions of the endogenous immune system. This can be caused by a number of factors such as careless RFID chip scanning, or over-pouring of water on the neck where the insertion was made etc. So, while you’re giving bath to your puppy, beware of the part where the GPS chip was implanted.

10. Don’t Forget the Dog Leash When Going out of The House

Now that your dog has a RFID chip in its body, it’s crucial to not overlook the importance of carrying on using a dog leash to avoid that your furry friend runs away as the implanted microchip will help you to find your dog again, but it won’t hinder it from escaping when it is afraid for example. If you love your pet, make sure that the dog leash is soft and comfortable on their neck. Teach your dog not to wrestle with the leash. Now with the new microchip implant and the usage of a dog GPS, however, you can take off the leash whenever you dog is playing out in the open without being afraid of losing it forever if it runs away.

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