Online Games To Distract Yourself With While Working From Home

Online Games To Distract Yourself With While Working From Home

Working from home can often make it difficult to switch off from your work. Whether you work from home regularly or have switched to remote working as a result of the COVID19 crisis, home working often leaves you tangled up in a mess of home and work that can be difficult to separate. When your living room or your kitchen becomes your office, you can’t just ‘leave the office’ at the end of a long day. But, it’s important to stick to your normal work schedule and make sure that you give yourself your normal amount of downtime while working from home, to ensure that you are refreshed and ready to start again the next day. Whether you are looking for something to do on your lunch break to make sure that you take one, or a way to keep yourself entertained in the evenings to avoid picking up extra work, there is plenty of fab online games to choose from.


online games poker with family

Poker is a really fun card game to play and there are apps you can use to play for fun or try your hand at winning some real money. This website, Unikrn, is a top online casino for playing games like poker and there are plenty of extras and perks to enjoy like earning rewards every time you play and daily epic prizes on the site. If you’ve never played poker before, start with a simple Texas Hold’em game at low stakes until you get the hang of things. There are plenty of resources online to help you learn how to play poker or you can start off playing a ‘just for fun’ game like Zynga Poker with no real money involved until you feel confident enough to wager some real cash.


Blackjack is another fun and easy card game to play online and unlike poker, it doesn’t require any other players, so you don’t have to wait for others to come and play the game. In Blackjack, you will be dealt a hand and the aim of the game is to get a higher combination than the dealer but no more than ‘21’. If you get an Ace and a high card, this is classed as a Blackjack and you will automatically win the hand. Otherwise, you will need to ‘check’ and add more cards to your hand to try and get it as high as possible without going over 21, at which point you will go bust and lose. Blackjack strategy is really a lot of fun to learn and you can easily get lost for hours in the game.

Woody Puzzle:

Woody Puzzle Online Games

If you enjoy strategy and puzzle games, then Woody Puzzle is a fun and simple game that you can download to your smartphone, and it will have you hooked for hours trying to beat your high score. The game is similar to Tetris in that you are given blocks of different shapes and sizes that you need to arrange in a grid. Each time you make a horizontal or vertical line, it will be cleared from the grid leaving you with more space. Unlike Tetris, the blocks don’t fall from the top but rather, you are given three at a time to add to the grid, and you’ll only get more blocks once you have added the previous three. The aim is to try and keep enough space on the grid to continue adding blocks for as long as possible.

Words With Friends:

If you are a fan of scrabble, you are going to love the Words With Friends game app. You can download it to a smartphone or tablet so that it’s handy to have there when you need a quick distraction from your work or when you are winding down in the evening. In the game, you can either play against friends, play with strangers, or enter a quick round where you’ll be on a team and the aim is to get a higher score than the opposing team in a given time frame. You need to make words using the letters provided, and you have a limited number of swaps. The more complicated the word you can come up with, the more points you will earn.


Trivia fans will love QuizUp, a fun quiz app with hundreds of different themes and topics to choose from. You can play against friends, strangers, or even on your own to test your knowledge of your favorite topics or go for a general knowledge quiz. As you answer more questions correctly and win more rounds in a particular topic, you can move up the ranks and earn points. If you want a fun game to play with friends, this is ideal.

Remember, keeping yourself distracted from working all the time when working from home is important for your health and wellbeing.

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