Top 3 Trucker Gifts for the Holidays

Top 3 Trucker Gifts for the Holidays

Need gift ideas for the trucker on your list? This list of must-haves can help you find the perfect balance between luxury and practical to remind your loved one that you’re always thinking of him or her. Help your favorite trucker stay safe and comfortable, no matter where the job takes them. Whether you’re looking for Kenworth seat covers or leather work gloves, find the perfect gift for your truck driver.

Gifts to Provide Safety

It’s illegal for commercial drivers to talk on a hand-held cell phone. One great gift to give your trucker is a high-quality wireless headset. Look for a brand designed to work in the noisy environments where a driver is, the warehouse, the inside of a cab, the back of a trailer or at a busy gas station. A second headset can be helpful for long days when one charge doesn’t quite make it.

A less fun gift would be a first-aid kit, but valuable just the same. No one ever thinks about updating the products in a kit, such as antibiotic ointment or aspirin. When you’re injured on the road, a band aid or burn ointment can come in handy. Update your loved one’s truck with new Peterbilt 379 headlights, for added safety on the road. Leather work gloves are another necessity that are great in any season. During the winter, two pairs of gloves allow one set to dry out while the other can be worn.

Gifts to Provide Heat and Comfort

Spending long hours in the seat of a truck cab is tough on the body, regardless of your age. A seat cushion that provides more comfort can reduce hip and back pain. An electric blanket can warm up the bed before your loved one crawls in. It acts like a heating pad to relax sore muscles and tired legs. Use a winter front on the truck to prevent cold air from seeping in. It’s one more way to add heat in the cold of the winter to keep your favorite driver cozy comfy. Look for a nice flannel-lined shirt that will keep your driver warm when the weather turns bad. Updating your trucker’s wardrobe with usable clothing that looks nice provides a professional appearance.

Gifts That Make Driving a Little Easier

A truck refrigerator is a nice gift that makes it easier to bring fresh food on the road. A personal portable oven lets your loved one heat up leftovers, which saves money and is much healthier than fast food.  Get your driver a subscription to an audiobook service or music streaming service to give them entertainment no matter where they are. Radio stations fade in and out. It can be a distraction to find another channel. Find a package of your driver’s favorite hot drink and include a new travel mug that keeps drinks hot or cold. Pack up a new shower kit for your driver with some new towels and favorite products. It doesn’t take long for a shower bag to get grimy from use.

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