6 Things to Consider Before Adding a Rooftop Deck

6 Things to Consider Before Adding a Rooftop Deck

Roof decks are a great addition to partially or completely flat roofs. Their popularity stems from the privacy as well as the view of the surroundings that they give you. Rooftop decks can also save you precious space and help lower your energy bills due to their insulating properties. While you may find the extra space great for entertaining guests, others may find it great for adding some greenery to their properties. However, before you can get your rooftop deck constructed, here are a few things to think about.

Check Local Building Laws

Before you start planning or call a contractor, it is important to check if you can actually construct the rooftop deck. There may be building laws that determine whether you can do so, with some localities even having laws that determine the type of rooftop deck you can build. The good thing is that competent contractors can check if there are any building laws stopping you from having your rooftop deck.

Check the Structural Load Capacity

No matter how much you want the rooftop deck, you might not be able to have one if the structure below it will not be able to support it. Adding a rooftop deck adds a lot of weight so ensure you check with a contractor that the existing structure can support the extra load.

Ensure You Have Enough Construction Space

The construction of a rooftop deck typically requires more space than having the deck built on the ground. Ensure that the construction crew has access to the roof as well as enough space to get the materials they need to the top of the roof. Common solutions include letting them use the indoor stairs or erect external scaffolding. If you do not like people in your house, external scaffolding is the better option.

Select the Right Materials

The materials you choose for the deck flooring are very important as they determine not only the aesthetics but also the construction cost and longevity of the rooftop deck. Due to exposure to the elements, materials like timber can stain and lose colour quickly and might require that you treat them if you would like them to retain their looks for a long time.

Composite decking boards, on the other hand, are built to be weather-resistant and low maintenance. You will not need to paint or stain them to ensure they keep their looks and they do not warp, splinter or warp like timber does. When you source high-quality composite decking boards from Ecoscape, you get a 20+ year warranty with the assurance that your deck will only need little maintenance. Additionally, Ecoscape’s decking boards come in a variety of colours so you can choose ones that fit the aesthetic you are going for. Ecoscape also lets you order sample composite decking boards to see which of the options they have available would work best with your rooftop deck.

Choosing the right materials also determines how usable the deck will be in wet conditions. Timber decking tends to be slippery when wet while composite decking has anti-slip properties that ensure the deck is usable even when wet.

Think About Landscaping

Trees and plants are great additions to a roof deck. Trees provide additional shade as well as some privacy while plants can add to the rooftop deck’s ambience. If you have trees on your property, you might also want to think about cutting them down or trimming them. If you can plant new trees some distance away from the deck, that would work great too.

Your contractor can also add some plant containers to your deck. If they are situated along the edge of the deck, these containers can provide the same benefits as the trees on your property.

Think About a 2-Story Design

If you already have an existing ground-level deck on your property, it is worth considering connecting your new rooftop deck to the ground-level one. This creates a two-story deck design that is not only attractive but can also improve the value of your home. The best time to do this is when the new deck is being constructed. Also, asking the contractor to add external stairs makes it easier for guests to get to the rooftop deck without entering your home.

To enhance the rooftop deck, you can think about additional features such as an outdoor kitchen, sliding door or a pergola. All of these additional features can make the additional rooftop space much more useful.

Adding a rooftop deck is an elaborate undertaking compared to adding a ground-level deck. There are so many things to think about before you get started. However, if you work with a professional contractor, the process should be fairly straightforward. The most important things to check are whether adding the rooftop deck is permitted by local laws and that the existing structure can support the additional weight.

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