Different types of storer

Self storage is becoming part of the British way of life, much as it has in America. Research has revealed the cycle of storage and how we use it as every stage of our lives.Different types of storer

Student storer

Leaving home for the first time to go off to university might well be a much-longed for moment of freedom but it is also the point when the build up of some not so exciting equipment occurs. From from books and shelves to pots and pans, going to university is the time when storing our things is no longer just a question of leaving it at the family home.

Movers storer

The time between studying and buying a first home is the time when we move most frequently, living with room mates or in a relationship, and when household items are duplicated but may still needed at a later date. They may have been needed in your last home doesn’t mean you need them right now, so many people find that storing the items away for a few months or even years may be the answer.

First time buyers

It’s during this stage of life that we begin to start putting down roots. Jobs become careers, renting a property loses its appeal as the desire to create a home of our own begins to emerge. By this point we have stacks of furniture and possessions from the sofa to wardrobes full of clothes and ornaments that we just don’t have the space for, renting a small storage room would be ideal to store all these extra possessions that have built up.

Full Movers

As the family grows bigger and we climb the career ladder, the family home becomes the focus of attention. The house that felt large and spacious when the children were babies now feels full to bursting as they begin to bring their school friends home and more stuff is acquired. This may be time when the move to the bigger house is planned but there’s the challenge of selling the soon to be old house. Storage may be an option while you declutter your home ready for the sale or if your things need a temporary home because moving dates don’t coincide.Renovations, extensions and loft conversions might follow in a bid to shape the house into the perfect home.

Streamliner storer

Managing our things is a constant battle and while some will find their way to new houses, charity shops or the bin, storage is there for those precious things that tell the story of your life that may be collecting dust around your house or pushed into a cupboard but that you don’t want to part with.

Clearout storer

As the name suggests, at this point in the cycle, children will have grown and left home to start their own acquisition of possessions and it’s a time when many people make the decision to move from the large family home to a smaller home. This is an opportunity to evaluate life and decide what you want to keep and what you don’t.

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