Drain Issues Your Plumber can Help With

Drain Issues Your Plumber can Help With

Many people get flustered when they have a drain clogged in their sink, bathtub, or toilet. When this happens, you need to contact a plumber immediately because the longer you wait, the more damage your pipes sustain. Drain problems can also cause other problems in your home, and make it unpleasant and even unsafe for you and your family to stay.  

A professional plumber can quickly fix your problem and help you save a lot of money on future repairs. 

Some common drain issues include:

A Clogged Toilet

Don’t use chemicals to unclog a clogged toilet because this is ineffective and can damage your pipes further. ‘A plunger is the best way to unclog a toilet because it physically breaks up and removes the clog. 

When using a plunger, make sure you position it correctly to create suction to break up your clog. Call a plumber if you cannot unclog your toilet because it is too severe of a clog. You will save yourself time and money by calling a plumber immediately instead of trying DIY methods that only worsen the problem.

A Clogged Sink

When you have a clogged sink, there is likely some form of small debris causing the clog. To fix this issue, you need proper tools and professional help. A plunger may work for a sink clog, but sometimes the clog is too big. A plumber utilizes special tools and methods to remove any debris from your sink quickly and safely. 

A Clogged or Slow Drain

When you shower or run the bathtub, not all water may make it down the drain. Sometimes this is caused by too much hair in your trap (the P-shaped pipe underneath your sink). When the hair builds up, it restricts the flow of water to one direction and can cause your drain to become clogged or slow. 

A plunger may help, but if the blockage is too severe, you will need some professional help. A plumber will be able to remove the hair from your trap and clear up any additional debris as a precaution. 

A Clogged Drain Under a Sink

If you have a clog under a sink, then more than likely, there is a blockage due to hair or grease. Using a plunger on this type of clog can be ineffective because it will not physically remove the blockage. 

A plumber will not only have the proper tools, but also the knowledge and training to swiftly clear such clogs without damaging your pipes. 

A Clogged Sewer

If you have a clogged toilet, it could mean that there is some form of blockage in your sewer pipe. A clog implies that the water cannot flow through, so it leaks out of the pipe and into your home. 

This is a hazardous problem to have because sewage can make its way into your foundation or, even worse, your basement. Plumbing issues are severe because they tend to cause more problems in your pipes if they aren’t addressed right away. A plumber will be able to clear your sewer line and prevent further damage to your home.

A Broken Sink or Bathtub Drain

A broken drain has many of the same symptoms as a clogged one, but it is different in some ways. A slow-draining sink or bathtub can be caused by hair in your trap, soap scum build-up, or when objects are lodged into the U-shaped pipe that goes to your sewer system. 

All of these things cause clogging in your pipes. A plumber can remove or dislodge any of these things causing the blockage so that your drain will flow freely again without any problems.

If your bathroom sink or bathtub has a crack in it, water will begin to leak into your home and cause some severe damage. So, it will need to be replaced entirely. A plumber can help you replace the broken piece. 

Root Intrusions

Tree roots can intrude into your sewer system and cause serious problems. Tree roots are firm and resilient, so if they decide to go through your drainage, they will get in the way of water flowing freely. If there is enough pressure behind the water, then it can push back against the root intrusion and begin to clog up your pipes. 

It is essential to keep the roots away from your home and out of your drainage system, or else they can cause serious plumbing issues that will cost you a lot of money in repairs.

If you are experiencing drain issues at your home, then don’t hesitate to call a plumber. The professionals have the training, experience, and the tools to carry out complex plumbing repairs and installations swiftly and safely. 

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