The Basics on the Types of Bathtubs: Important Factors You Need to Consider

When it comes to selecting the right bathtub, there are many considerations to think about. There is the aesthetic aspect, where your bath needs to have an attractive and appealing look and design that fits in well with your bathroom’s theme. There is the practical aspect as well, where your bath needs to be fully-functional and can be used by all members of the family with ease. Apart from this, there are bathtub features you should consider, ranging from the simplest (such as low level easy access) to various bells and whistles such as whirlpool jets and much more.

At the end of the day, however, the point is this: for you to choose a bath that fits in with what you need and prefer. Here, then, are some bathtub selection basics you should know about.

Do you have any limitations or constraints?

First of all, before you can even begin thinking about the kind of bath you like, you should be thinking about your limitations. It comes down to this: either you have no limitations, or you have some. If you have no limitations or constraints, this means that you can choose whatever type of bath you want. This kind of no-limitation deal often exists if you have a newly-built home or if you have a complete refurbishment or remodel where all the existing pipework, walls, flooring, etc. will be taken out, leaving you with carte blanche.

The Basics on the Types of Bathtubs Important Factors You Need to Consider

You have limitations or constraints if you are simply replacing an old bath with a new one, since you have to consider the existing pipework and plumbing, sockets, flooring, and the like. You will also have limitations if you haven’t enough space, for instance.

The types of baths to choose from

Once you have decided on your limitations, the next step is to find out more about your choices when it comes to the types of baths available. When we say ‘types of baths,’ this generally refers to the bath’s purpose or features. For instance, the most general type of bath is the standard, alcove bath which most of us are quite familiar with. This doesn’t have a very sophisticated purpose – it is simply a ‘traditional’ bath where you can do a variety of tasks, such as having a bath, washing your kids, and more.

Another type of bath is the soaking bath or tub, which is often deeper than a traditional bath. A soaking bathtub comes in different sizes and shapes as well. A soaking bath often has taller sides so it can hold more water.

There is also another type of bath that has a useful purpose: the walk-in bath. Rather than an edge, a walk-in bath will usually have a door where you can simply walk into the bath rather than step over the edge. These types of baths are useful for those who are elderly or those with mobility issues. In the same vein, there are also shower-bath combinations, such as the Carron Axis bath, which is designed for low level access and can be used both as a shower and a bath as well.

Other types of baths include whirlpool baths and air tubs, which shoot water and form bubbles for a massage-like effect. Of course, these types of baths or tubs are quite complex in design, and the installation of a bath like this would involve pumps, hoses, filters, and other equipment, so you have to consider that as well.

When you are choosing the right bath for your bathroom, you need to think about your comfort, the bath’s practicality, and your lifestyle. Alongside this, you have to consider your available space and limitations. But once you think about all these aspects, you can’t go wrong in determining your final choice.


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