Ways to Choose the Right Architecture Style for Your Home

Ways to Choose the Right Architecture Style for Your Home

There are several ways to choose the right architecture style for your home if you are planning on building at a specific place or region. When you’ve found the site to build your new home, the choice of design and style of the architectural plans should fit its main function. These quality-built homes need to be cozy, livable, and have all the amenities.

You may need to create designs and plans from scratch. More often than not, your architectural design will fit your personality if you stay true to what you find that best interests you. The place you’ll be living at. In other words, it’s best to build a stylish home based on the environment your property will be at. There are various types of places homes can be built at. Such places are along a coastline, the countryside, on a few acres of ranch land, or maybe in the wilderness on top of a mountain side.

Consequently, wherever you have an opportunity to build, choosing the right architecture is the main goal for the area you’ll be living in. Therefore your residence should be a place of solitude and comfort if that’s what you want in a home. Living in a busy city will naturally give way to noise, but out in a countryside, it is peaceful and serene according to the home-owners who built on several acres of ranch land.

Designs which are drawn up according to the area in which it will be built on saves time and money. It helps the homeowner and the architects choose the right design elements when constructing the home or apartment. In fact, it would be based on the suitability of how it holds up to the weather. Choosing the right design and style of the exterior, as well as the interior will ensure comfortness. Consequently, the history is another element of comfort once they’re built too. The original architectural purposes will have its role and purpose according to where the home will be built at, or where it’s built on, because of the genuine love for the owner’s to be able to build a custom home.

Here are a few of the most popular styles of homes built according to choosing the right architecture for your area you plan on living at.

 most popular styles of homes built according to choosing the right architecture

The Log Cabin

One of the oldest styles in home building which is still being built today are log cabins. Log cabins are best built in the rural areas. Their beauty is best seen in the natural wild or secluded areas such as ranches. In fact, the “log cabin origins” date back to 3500 B.C. Other areas they are seen in vast numbers are in the Eastern Ukraine, North America, Germany, Northern Russia, and the Scandinavian area. The fact that building them with no nails because of the easy and smart assembly of the logs made it construction cheap centuries ago and even today.

Cape Cod

In the 1600s, the Cape Cod style custom homes started a home development suburban trend once they were built after World War II. These cottages were notably built because of the cozy and small but trendy look. Along the East Coast you’ll find these cottage style homes built up along the shores. Still today with the same charm of the New England environment are Cape Cod style homes built along the majority of the eastern shores.

These specific Cod homes stuck like a staple for other areas along the East coastline. Most of all, they’re identifiable because of their large chimneys. They’re also going to have a reputation for withstand the strong East coast winters, especially the New England winters. Shuttered windows and cedar shingles stand out among rows of these types of home in the East Coast of North America. Distinguished by the rooftops and white picket fences, Cape Cod homes are a mix of natural pastel colors and cool designs. They are ideal for the any coastal community or region.


Victorian architecture homes are built mainly because of its historical significance. This complex design of architecture is found in older towns and cities (i.e. San Francisco, New Orleans, Boston, and Louisville,…). During 1830 through 1910 under the reign of Queen Victoria, these sub-styles homes were named after Lady Majesty herself. Hence, they’re called the Victorian homes.

The Victorian architecture which included the likes of Italianate, the Second Empire, Queen Anne and mainly the Gothic Revival. The most Romanesque style homes were less functional though. The reason is because of the extra complex design elements. Their distinguished designs came from its large porches, asymmetrical shapes, plus the ornate trimmings. Those who love vintage style things will adore one of these types of homes custom built.


The contemporary or modern styled homes which became popular in the 50’s through the 70’s are a major influence for architects and builders today. This time of building greatly influenced residential architecture. A distinct feature are the large open floor plans. Ways to choose the right architecture style for your home is hiring the right architects and designers. When choosing one with the modernistic attributes, think of the big city or busy urban landscape.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs are probably the most famous modern homes which have influenced many other architects and designers in North America for example. Another are the modern likes of Mirvish + Gehry Condos in Toronto, Canada, whom developed the contemporary urban city in mind. The contemporary and stylish condos are fully covered with everything an urban resident would need. It’s built in the downtown area. Infused into the art scene and vibrant culture, it’s the ideal example of modern living. Beautifully landscaped in modern living communities are what commercial and residential developers like to surround the scene with.

Finally, with many more options, it’s one thing to plan well in designing and planning your new home’s style along with the area you’ll be living in because of the comfort and mobility in which you’ll be living (and functioning) out of daily. Even if it’s a vacation home, keep an eye on your surroundings so as to complement your home’s exterior and interior architectural goals. One you’ve chosen the style, you’ll know you did if you picked a Cape Cod cottage custom home near a coastline with miles of sand and waves.

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