Italy will show its hidden secrets in terms of architectural marvels

When you visit a country as diversify and rich in architecture like Italy, you’ll definitely be flabbergasted. This is a country, not only crammed with a variety of secret treasures in the form of architecture, but most of it cannot be shown to the tourists or even the residence of Italy. This is a country that is rich in history, and also has the best attractions that can be seen by the modern people. However, these places are mostly off-limits for the public, because they happen to be much too precious, or they are private properties.

However,. In March 21 and 22nd, there is actually a chance for thousands of visitors to get to know about such kind of interesting marvels. This is actually a part of the spring days opening weekend that has been organised by the Italian Heritage Association. The entrance to such kind of interesting marvels would be free of cost, and the entire tour will be guided by experts, as well as volunteers and students. So, there is nothing for you to be worried about, all you need to do is to travel to this country in order to get the best possible idea about the features and a lot of other things beyond your imagination.

architectural marvels

There are a variety of places that you could visit in the 2 days mentioned. Some of them are:

  1. Agriculture Academy- This is one of the best-known places that actually has a library containing over 6000 volumes of the walls fruits and vegetables, which was reproduced in its wax sculpture. So, this is definitely going to be a very interesting visit for you during those two days.
  2. Palace Koch- This Palace in Rome contains furniture with gold fixtures. It also has deluxe suites that are coupled with private terraces. So, this is also known as the otherwise central bank of Italy. This is definitely one of the places that you will be able to visit during your visit to Italy.
  3. Belloluogo Tower: – The Queen of Italy would actually like the water surrounding this particular structure. So, she had a tower built in the middle of a deep pond, just so that she could actually find herself surrounded by the water. This is another prohibited area that you may not be able to visit until and unless you find yourself lucky.
  4. Italic Forum’s historical gem and Honor Salon: – This painting was actually created by Mussolini, in order to symbolise the superhuman ideals, as well as the sports features that would be in action by the people. This is definitely a wonderful creation, but has been hidden from the world. Getting yourself a visit to these places in the two days can actually guarantee you an experience of a lifetime.

The above-mentioned places are just some of the quality things that you can do during the two days of your visit to the country. Enjoy and have a wonderful time looking into things that may not be witnessed in the rest of 363 days.

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