Is Kevin Hart hosting the 2016 Oscars? Read on

Going by the mundane Oscar hosting, most of the people are actually looking out for something that can shake up the very boring presentation that happens every year. Neil Patrick Harris was definitely enjoyable, but the ratings were not at all to the satisfaction of the media. The only saving grace was the musical numbers that could actually land a lot of people into watching Oscar live in a television. So, how would the Oscars management like to get Kevin Hart, a wonderful comedian as the host of this prestigious event? There is a lot of news doing the rounds about 2016 Oscars going to Kevin Hart and the comedian has definitely got a lot of good things to say about this prestigious event and the opportunity at hand.

Going by the recent media talks, Kevin Hart has definitely made it very clear that he’s more than willing to host the 2016 Oscars. He’s very definite about it, and you would be looking to start the campaign by letting everybody know about it. For a comedian, this could actually be the highlight of his career, and even though he has starred in a lot of films, but this is definitely going to be something up a notch from that particular event. This is definitely going to be the major step forward in the right direction for the comedian.

Kevin Hart hosting

Given Hart has definitely made a lot of name in the comedy scene, this next opportunity is definitely one to floor him. He has been starring in a lot of films, be it in guest appearances, as well as working as a full-time actor. The comic scene is definitely extremely appreciative of this particular actor, and the various been able to bring comedy the given lifeline. As of now, is definitely looking to major in some event, ensuring that people will actually be able to get to witness his acting prowess, as well as get to know about him as a tremendous host.

Humour is not something that is lacking in given Hart. The Academy, the management of the Oscars will actually do a lot of good for themselves if they could actually get a person such as Kevin to host the Oscars. There is biodiversity, no gender specifications that can actually be found in the jokes of a comedian. So, this is definitely going to be something that is extremely funny, and people will actually be able to realise about the benefits that would actually be found with this feature.

At least the hosting job could actually be given to Kevin Hart, as he is not only known to be funny, but also has the uncanny ability to make even the most serious people laugh. So, this is definitely going to be a job that can actually prove to be a wonderful addition to his repertoire. Proven that he’s really funny, the Oscars will definitely do itself a lot of good by getting such a person.

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