4 Essential Summer Trends to Embrace in 2020

4 Essential Summer Trends to Embrace in 2020

Summer days drifting away to summer nights. It’s the best time of year, and that’s what we’re all waiting for: the shorter, colder months giving way to sunnier skies — and many more smiles.

But it can’t be only about planning cookouts, beach outings and swims at the lake. What’s a great day with friends and family if you don’t look great, too?

As you put away the heavy sweaters and parkas, be sure to make room for a few new items as well. What do you need to prioritize? Well, the following are four of the essential summer trends to embrace in 2020. Get on board, and you’ll be making a fantastic impression in the sun.

1. Floral Jackets

Nothing spells summer like a pop of color and a great pattern. And this year, flowers are all the rage for both men and women — on almost any occasion. In fact, a light floral jacket can work great at a casual pool party that lasts into dusk, as well as a day out on the boat or a barbecue picnic in the park. Perhaps best of all, you can find different styles in various colors. Indeed, there’s a wide range of options that will pair with shorts, jeans, boat shoes, sneakers and more.

2. Funky Hats

Fun is the name of the game this year, and few things will spice up an ensemble like a hat to (literally) top it all off. The great part is that you can take it in multiple directions. A sun hat or wide-brim classic styles will look debonair at brunch or at an evening dinner at an upscale restaurant. Or, you can go a bit funkier and rock some bucket hats, Panama hats, light beanies or even a flat cap. When it’s out of the ordinary, you’ll stand out even more, and everyone will see how much you enjoy throwing a little caution to the wind.

3. Bodysuits

Sleek, comfort, confident. These are three signature concepts of the modern wardrobe, and they all come together in the form of bodysuits. Beyond that, they work great for any budget as an affordable and versatile article of clothing that everyone should have in their closet for summer events. And when leisure time is over, bodysuits can even be worn with sweaters and jeans for a more professional appearance at work. This is one way you really can have it all.

4. Big Necklaces

If you look through fashion magazines and follow the latest celebrity trends, you’ll see everyone wearing big necklaces. Specifically, large gold chains are “in” right now. No, this isn’t a return of the 1980s rapper craze, but you might not know the difference in some instances. You don’t have to go overboard. But, honestly, there’s no such thing as too big at the moment, and it’s easy to see the appeal. A large gold rope around the neck can bring even the drabbest outfit to life, so have fun with it and everyone else will, too.

Summer Fashion Forward

Summer is a time to enjoy yourself, and that mentality should be reflected in everything you wear. Thankfully, this summer, that’s exactly what everyone is going for — and you should get in on the fun.

Give yourself a little flower power in the form of a nice light jacket. Break out your funkiest hats. Show off your confidence in a great new bodysuit. And find the biggest necklace you can that won’t break your neck.

It’s a new decade, and there’s no more time for boring outfits. Have a blast this summer — in your activities and your wardrobe — as you revamp your closet and start strutting your stuff.

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