Forget Bath Salts, Think Bubbly: The Secret Santa Gifts We All Want

Forget Bath Salts Think Bubbly The Secret Santa Gifts We All Want
The Secret Santa Gifts We All Want

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a great Secret Santa gift this year, think yourself lucky – it turns out that only one in six people get a secret gift that they like, every year. Most of us, according to recent research from Menkind, are always a little disappointed by the annual Secret Santa offerings. But that doesn’t mean we should give up on the tradition – after all, what’s a better way of ensuring no one is left out and everyone gets a little something in the run up to Christmas? You just need to think a little harder about your choice of gift in the Secret Santa lottery. Here are the things people really want to find when they unwrap their gift – at least, the items that will also fit into the mini-price range designated to most Secret Santa gift swaps.

  1. Toiletries and Beauty

Forget pot pourri and bath salts that no one is going to use. Instead buy a small size of a product in a luxury toiletries range that smells great and will look stylish on the bathroom shelf. Or go for quantity over quality and pick up some toiletries in the Super drug or Boots 3-for-2 gift ranges. You can’t really go wrong with good quality beauty products at Christmas.

  1. Novelty Gifts

If you know that your Secret Santa recipient has a sense of humor then you’ve got the perfect opportunity to shop for something fun and quirky that will give them a laugh in the office. They may not take the item home, but at least it will brighten up their desk. There are so many quirky gifts available online you’ll be spoiled for choice. Steer clear of sexual or bad taste joke items, however, unless you can be really sure the recipient will not take it the wrong way.

  1. Chocolate and Sweet Treats

Everyone appreciates some chocolate at Christmas, the time of year when diets traditionally go out of the window. Go for quality here, a luxurious treat made from dark chocolate, champagne truffles, or even a big box of donuts is a great Secret Santa Gift idea. You could also go the retro route and pick up a pile of penny sweets in a fun hamper.

  1. Fashion Accessories

Women in the Secret Santa pool will appreciate a pair of stylish gloves, or a pair of earrings and necklace set. You can pick up a lot of good value costume jewellery from retailers like Accessorize but you can also find more individual items at flea markets and Christmas fairs. For the men in the Secret Santa, smart cufflinks or a great – non-novelty – tie are ideal. Avoid socks, however, unless you want to turn into a Christmas cliche.

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