How To Control Your Child’s Internet Addiction

How To Control Your Childs Addiction

Lots of parents face the problem of our time – Child’s  Internet addiction. Youth spends more and more time online paying no attention to studying, books and going out with family or friends. How is it possible to overcome this addiction? Certainly, you may control your child being at home and see what your son or daughter is doing. However, it is impossible to control your kid all day long due to job, as well as it’s impossible for find out what websites your child visits during the day.

Now you can easily solve such a complicated problem controlling your kid with the help of the best parental control app for iphone which lets you find out what your daughter or son is doing online at any time of the day and night. You don’t have to be worried about your child anymore, parental control app makes it possible for you to safeguard your kid and monitor his or her Internet activity.

Take Care Of Your Child’s Safety

Take Care Of Your Childs Safety

Parents are always worried about their kids and how much time they spend online. Children may spend hours and days surfing the Internet, playing games, texting and watching videos on their phone, tablet, or computer. Internet addiction can often be dangerous for kids of all ages; it may affect both their school life and mental or physical health.

Careful parents are now able to take advantage of parental control apps, which give them an opportunity to easily control their child, remaining unnoticed. Downloading Kidslox Android app, you become able to track your kid’s real time location, monitor his or her calls, read text messages, as well as block websites containing violent or dangerous content. Parental control app will help you hold your peace of mind and always be aware of what your child is doing.

 Ways To Protect Your Kid

What is your child doing all day long? Can you be sure your daughter or son doesn’t visit websites which may have a bad influence on her/him? Are you sure your kid doesn’t contact followers of any cult? Even if you don’t think your child is addicted to the Internet, he or she may spend hours online while you are out of home. Now you are able to know everything your kid is doing at any time of the day and night, downloading Kidslox iOs app on your iPhone or iPad, and monitor your child’s online activity. Installing given app, you become able to:

  • block certain apps, browsers, social networks and content;
  • block addictive games which may affect your child;
  • block pornography and gambling sites, websites containing violent, abusive, dangerous content;
  • be aware of your child’s behavior;
  • protect your son or daughter from online threats;
  • schedule your child’s screen time.

Parental control application will help you control each iOS device of your child only having a single account.

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