Kayaking, kayak games, more in Huron River, San Francisco Bay, coast waters

Ann Arbor Offers Kayaking on the Huron River

Kayakers can drive to Delhi Park and launch rented electric powered kayak into the Huron River, then glide through cattails along the shore and float slowly downstream. The river is wide and serene, making it hard to believe that downtown Ann Arbor is just a few miles away. The route takes paddlers under an old low railroad bridge and around wide bends. A few miles down, the river curves and on the bank high above, a palatial stone mansion in the Tudor style stands, with its stone boat house, a reminder of the Great Gatsby life made possible in nearby Detroit in the early days of the auto boom. The two-hour easy electric powered kayak paddling takes kayakers to a landing at Barton’s Pond. Sun and Snow Ski Swim and Paddle arranges several types of outings on the Huron River with kayaks and a guide.

Kayaking, kayak games, more in Huron River, San Francisco Bay, coast waters

Many Kayak Games, Tours Available in San Francisco Bay

City Kayaks offers rentals and kayak tours and kayak games, guided or unguided, for various skill levels, including a guided 3.5-mile Alcatraz tour. Their two-hour Downtown Kayak Trip in performance touring kayaks glides by the Bay Bridge, Cupid’s Arrow, the Ferry Building, McCovey Cove, Lefty O’Doul Draw Bridge, and the Mission Creek houseboat community. Their Full Moon Kayaking trip for intermediate kayakers passes most of the same sites, in a monthly 1 1/2-hour tour during the full moon. Their Golden Gate Bridge trip for experienced kayakers includes the Presidio, the Golden Gate Bridge and Baker Beach.

Paddle Under Chicago’s Looming Skyscrapers on the Chicago River

Kayakers can see Chicago’s architectural history close-up by taking a paddle along this urban river.

Take the three-hour easy Architectural History tour with electric powered kayak and glide through architectural canyons past buildings designed by some of America’s greatest architects. Begin at North Avenue and paddle down to the Loop. Along the way paddlers learn about the river, the early history of the city, and why Chicago was located here. The Sunset Paddle requires no experience and lets paddlers glide through the city as the light falls and the buildings begin to glow, and ends as the urban lights begin to twinkle in the dark. Other tours include a Night Paddle and a Leisure Paddle.

From sea lions and snapping turtles to skyscrapers soaring from the water’s edge, kayaking these three American cities offers an up-close and personal view of nature, shipping, leisure and scenic pleasures missed by those who simply drive through urban centers in their cars.

Kayaking California’s Central Coast Waters

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The moderate climate of California’s central coast region creates a perfect environment for ocean kayaking. The Pacific water temperatures remain cool, normally between 52 and 62 degrees but with a light waterproof jacket or full wetsuit, a day touring the coastline is an inviting adventure.

The calm protected waters in Morro Bay offer a chance to get a few lessons or to refresh kayaking skills. For the more experienced kayakers, the rocky cliffs and caves that follow the Shell Beach shoreline can easily be explored by paddling from the convenient landing spots along the beach. Both regions are located within a half hour of the town of San Luis Obispo, California (halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco).

Kayak Tours, Kayak Games and Rentals in Morro Bay

A good place to learn how to kayak, especially for anyone completely new to the sport, can be arranged in the Morro Bay area. A four-mile long and narrow sandbar juts from the harbor area south creating a protected estuary and calm waters. A few boats drop anchor in the harbor but otherwise the bay is open and easy to navigate. Both equipment rentals and full guided tours can be arranged.

The scenery surrounding Morro Bay harbor and Estero Bay includes a bird sanctuary where white egrets, herons and other migratory sea birds are easily spotted. Harbor seals, seal lions and playful sea otters make their home in the bay and are often seen sunning themselves on the rocks.

Booking a tour or reserving kayak equipment in Morro Bay may be arranged at The Kayak Shack of Morro Bay (805) 772-8796, Central Coast Outdoors (888) 873-5610 or Kayak Horizons (805) 772-6444. Kayaks may be rented by the hour or for a full or half day outing. Guided tours, some including lunch, are available most of the year and are especially popular during the summer for an early morning paddle or an evening excursion prior to sunset.

Kayak Tours, Kayak Games and Rentals in Shell Beach

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The unique coastal beauty of Shell Beach draws visitors who walk along the shoreline to admire the rocky cliffs and clear aqua waters. But viewing the intriguing ocean caves at Dinosaur Caves Park is best admired by an in water adventure and kayaking along the coastline. The scenic terrain curves around a large bay area with some full ocean exposure. The currents and winds in this area compared to Morro Bay can be more difficult to navigate but the scenery and natural beauty are worth the effort.

Booking a tour or reserving kayak equipment in Shell Beach may be arranged at Central Coast Kayaks where hourly, full day or half day rentals are available. Tours normally leave in the morning. Full equipment rentals including Coast Guard approved PFD devices (required if renting kayaks) may be booked in advance.

Typical Weather Conditions for Kayaking on the Central Coast

Summer and autumn months are mild with temperatures typically in the low 60s to mid 70s. Afternoons can become windy and water conditions may be choppy and breezy. Early morning fog often dominates the beginning of summer with clearing in the afternoon. Evening kayak tours are offered during the summer when the winds and seas are calm. During the winter and early spring months, the air and water temperatures are cool but sunny afternoons and clear skies are common. Kayaking with electric powered kayak on the Central Coast can be considered a delightful year round activity with the appropriate clothing and gear.

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