> Seven deadly sins Halloween party ideas this October

Seven deadly sins Halloween party ideas this October

Halloween is a time for adults to indulge the kid inside. Why not dress up and have fun with a “Seven Deadly Sins” themed party? Getting inspiration from traditional views on cardinal sins, hell or the film Se7en can make a party that will be the talk of the town.

Seven deadly sins Halloween party ideas this October

Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Seven Deadly Sins Theme

There are different methods of representing the seven deadly sins as a theme for a Halloween party. Try a fat suit or pig costume for “Gluttony”. A Scrooge costume is fitting for “Greed” or dress in luxurious fabrics with many gold chains and bundles of fake cash. For “Pride” keep a mirror to admire your reflection. Or wear a gown, sash and crown holding a trophy. An all-green outfit and contact lenses can symbolize the “green with envy” proverb. Try a dressing gown and slippers for “Sloth”. For “Wrath” dress as the devil with red horns and trident or a movie gangster with a gun ready to kill someone. Remember that acting is an integral part of pulling off a deadly sin Halloween costume!

Seven Deadly Sins Halloween Party Decor Ideas

It may be a good idea to have a room or area of the home decorated to represent each sin. Here are some tips for decor that should provide inspiration:

Gluttony – Have a chocolate fountain and plenty of nibbles on a small table for people to gorge on.
Greed – Set up a poker and roulette game with fake money and gold coins.
Lust – Try red lights, silky fabrics, strip club music, lacy lingerie and lipstick on a mirror
Pride – Flattering blue lights, plenty of mirrors or reflective foil means guests can enjoy their vanity. Have a selection of beauty face-masks for people to use.
Envy – Cover a wall with fake green vines and eyeballs to represent the green eyed monster
Sloth – Comfy area near the TV with blankets, pillows and food.
Wrath – Put up pictures of serial killers in an angry stance and news clippings about revenge. If you want to go all out create a crime scene complete with chalked outline of victim, blood splatters and evidence to prove it was an act of rage.

A sign with the name of the sin can make the section a little clearer. Save money by borrowing items when possible and getting what you need well in advance from thrift stores, garage sales and online at Craigslist’s free section. Ideal things to borrow include mannequins, chocolate fountain and karaoke machine.

Seven Deadly Sins Halloween Party Invitations

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Digital invitations are becoming very popular, try using Facebook or email to invite your friends and keep track of the RSVPs. Video is an excellent way to create a unique and free Halloween invitation such as this one for the Bonnie Haunt. If making the invitations at home is preferred then here are some creative Halloween party invitation ideas:

Hell Invitation – Paint flames onto the card and write the seven sins in the fire.
Cupcake Box Invitation – Have a big 7 on the cupcake with a devil and write the party details on the box (box can be made at home using a free template).
Devil Invitation – Create an invitation cut to the silhouette of the devil.

Deadly Sin Themed Halloween Party Food

Quick and easy Halloween food can be made at home without spending much money. Try the following ideas:

Seven Pizza – Use sweet corn or black olives to write a 7 on the pizza.
“Envy” Punch – A simple but bright drink can be created by mixing apple juice with a little green food dye and garnishwith a candy eyeball.
“Lust” Pudding – Make a standard chocolate pudding, top with straw berries and insert a heart shaped biscuit with “lust” written in red icing.
Sinful Cupcakes – Simply ice cupcakes in colors according to sin (e.g red or chocolate for lust) and write the sin in icing. Decorate accordingly.

Sinful Halloween Party Games for Adults

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A Seven Deadly Sin Halloween party requires some themed games and activities to bring it all together. There is a board game that is based on this theme by Kheper Games. Try the following ideas to let everyone indulge their inner child:

Donut Eating Contest – This is for the gluttonous.
Wheel of Sin – Using a roulette wheel, or make your own wheel with sections representing each of the Deadly Sins. The Game can then be played like Wheel of Fortune with sinful prizes such as chocolates.
Pin the Tail on the Devil – Use a devil instead of a donkey!
Hunt for the Sinner – Hide a miniature doll with the sins written on it. Get everyone hunting for clues to find it. Finder can keep the doll!
Sinful Karaoke – Borrow a Karaoke machine and get some tunes related to the deadly sins to sing along to, this can even become a contest.

A Seven Deadly Sins Halloween party for adults can be fun with inspiration from the film Se7en, fancy dress costumes, food and games.

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