Tips on How to Wear Trousers Casually

Tips on How to Wear Trousers Casually

Trousers are the essential component of a casual dress code. There is no fuss input on casual trousers and it allows you to do energetic activities with ease. You can run, jump, and play without any problem. With casual trousers, there are no strict rules on how to wear them. You can mix and match any type of clothes for your comfort and taste.

Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are one of the most common casual outfits since the mid 20th century. They are casual but they can also offer a polished appearance. If you want something a bit stylish, choose jeans with washed-out design. Jeans with cut holes are suitable for young people who want to show off some of their flesh. When you buy jeans at first, it will be tight. After several washing, it becomes loose and nicer to wear. Jeans that are too long can be folded up to the heel. Denim jeans can be matched with a fitted t-shirt, collared t-shirt, long-sleeve sweater jacket and a hoodie sweatshirt. You can wear jeans every day indoor or outdoor. You can wear it with slipper, sandals, and sneakers.

Track Pants Tips on How to Wear Trousers Casually

Track Pants

Track pants can be a fashion-forward outfit for a casual outing on the street. For a more stylish look, you should buy track pants from a popular brand like MKI clothing. You can match it with a blouse or high heel. To look more casual, you can just match it with a sweater. It can also be your workout outfit when you want to travel to the gym. There is no need to go to the changing room when you wear your track pants to the gym. It is also suitable to be paired with waterproof sporty and workwear like work jacket, sleeveless vest and bomber jackets. The best footwear to wear with track pants is trainers and sneakers.

Legging Pants

Legging pant is a tight and stretchy pant that can show off the curve on your legs. You can pair legging with a longer t-shirt that reaches up to your butt. You can also wear a jacket as outerwear if you want. Leggings are also perfect for wearing with a dress skirt that reaches up to the knee cap. Leggings look great with a certain type of shoes such as flip flops, boots, and sandals. The legging has to be long enough to reach up to the heel. If you live in a hot country, avoid leggings made from a thick material. The thinner material is airier and will not cause you to sweat as much.

Chinos Tips on How to Wear Trousers Casually


Chinos are casual pants that are widely accepted for casual wear and in the workplace. It is the same as khaki pants but it is available in more colors. There are two types of chinos including formal and casual chinos.  Casual chinos are more like denim jeans with side pockets and back pockets. Casual chinos can be matched with casual tops like a plaid button-up shirt, long sleeve button-up shirt, and polo shirt. You can wear boating shoes or sneakers with casual chinos.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts can be appropriate clothing to wear on a hot day during the summer. It is suitable for wearing in a relaxed occasion. Some people will view shorts as underdressed. If you are concerned about this, you can choose cargo shorts that are up to the knee cap. This type of pants is perfect for recreational activities like fishing and jogging. It is a perfect option for people who don’t want to cover all their legs. It feels cooler to take walk-in shorts. You can wear cargo shorts with a short sleeve/long sleeve shirt and sneakers and slippers.

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