Upcycle Heavy Kurti Designs with These Five Tips

You bought a beautiful embroidered kurti for a few family/festive occasions. It was an extravagant kurti, and you pulled off the dashing look with a smile on your face. Those events were nine months ago, the day you got back from the events, you put that kurti back to your closet, and it’s been there ever since. What do you do?

If the above story/situation sounds familiar to you, then you must read this article. A lot can happen over nine months. Maybe it doesn’t fit you anymore. Maybe you don’t like it with the way it is anymore. Maybe you think it is too extravagant for your taste now. There are many things that can change, so why should your kurti not? Here are five ideas on how to upscale your heavy kurti design at home.

Upcycle Heavy Kurti Designs with These Five Tips

1. Make a Lehenga Out of Your Old but Gorgeous Anarkali Suit

If you have an old Anarkali in unique kurti designs, those transparent sleeves, you know they are a thing of the past today. By current fashion trends, they are no longer raging or popular. These suits used to be costly, and you would not want to throw away your investment because it comes with a lot of potential,

Those Anarkali suits had huge gheras, and you can cut the bottom portion of your Anarkali suit and attach a colour-matched border to the top to make it into a brand new custom lehenga at a minimal cost.

2. Make a Blouse Out of That Same Anarkali Suit

When you cut off the bottom part of the suit, you are left with the top part; what do you do with it? You can turn that leftover part into a blouse with some minimal alterations from your tailor. You can get rid of the sleeves to add a more indo-western look to your blouse. You can wear the newly made blouse with a saree of your choice, or you can pair it with a different lehenga as a choli.

3. Make a Jacket Out of Your Straight A-Line Kurti

Like most women, you must also have a lot of straight kurti that, over time, you may have outgrown. Do not throw it away. You can make an amazing ethnic jacket out of the straight kurti. The process is very simple; all you have to do is cut it straight down the middle vertically. Stitch the border and the ends to make it look seamless, and voila! You have a new ethnic jacket that you can flaunt over your long kurti to enhance its look.

4. Cut Your Long Kurti to Make a Short Kurti

If you have a long kurti that you have been wearing a lot and you don’t like it anymore as a long kurti. Instead of throwing the kurti away, you can cut it through the middle horizontally and make it into a short kurti. The process is as easy as it gets with very little stitching work as well. You only need to stitch the seams, and if you feel like it, you can add a new border to create a fresh look.

The short kurti can be paired with jeans, jeggings, and long skirts. This will give you a new fresh look that you can again wear for a long time. The only issue that arises with this alteration is that some part of your long kurti is wasted.

5. Reuse Your Buttoned Long Kurtis as Long Ethnic Jackets

You often see those double-layered kurtis online, right? Ever imagine that you can make your own layered kurti out of a buttoned long kurti? Well, you can! This is an amazing way for you to repurpose your old long-buttoned kurtis to create an entirely new look and a new way for you to utilize them.

You can take a contrast colour sleeveless long kurti and wear the buttoned long kurti over it without fastening the buttons. This will give you a double-layered look, and you will look very classy and sophisticated.

So, these are five amazing ideas on how you can repurpose heavy kurti design at home. Reusing your old clothes creatively leaves you with more money to buy high-quality clothes, so when the time comes, you can repurpose them as well and save money in the long run.

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