What Are The Signs Of Suicides

September was the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and many people across the world observed it believing most of the suicides can be saved if efforts are attempted correctly.

Signs Of Suicides

The suicide rate every hour is really astonishing and if believed to a data it is revealed one person in the United States commit suicides in every 13 minutes.

The data further adds that the second leading cause of death among college students is suicide. It is said about 22 veterans die from it each day. The high rates of suicide are among the physicians, lawyers and Dentists too.

Added to all these, the data reveals more that young gay people are thrice more likely to commit suicide compared to the heterosexual young people in the United States.

Amid all these it is important suicide should be talked about as it is a real thing happening around.

Those people who may commit suicide sometimes talk about it before taking the wrong step of life and it is the responsibilities of pals, colleagues and relatives to understand ahead the incident and help the person to come out of the suicidal tendency. A good counseling by mental health experts would be an added help.

People may think of being a burden, emotional and physical pain, not able to keep going and so on. It is advised to ask such people what they actually mean by talking in this way.

Suicide can also be predicted if an individual suddenly show change in behavior, loses enjoyment in things, changes in sleep, eating as well as hygiene, consuming more and more alcohol and smoking more than before, calling people to say goodbye and so on.

One must offer help to such people and it can be done in several ways like asking them to find professional who can suggest them.

The American Association of Suicidology has outlined some of the important suicide warning signs and those are listed below:

1. Suicidal Ideation: thinking, talking, or writing about suicide, planning for suicide.
2. Substance abuse.
3. Purposelessness.
4. Anxiety, agitation and unable to sleep or not sleeping all the time.
5. Trapped.
6. Hopelessness.
7. Social Withdrawal from friends, family, or society.
8. Anger, rage or seeking revenge.
9. Recklessness or impulsiveness.
10. Mood changes.

Suicide is a mental status and a proper treatment is available. Family members, friends and relatives can help the person to get the best treatment and help save a life.

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