Why Black Leads Other Colors In Fashion

We’ve all been there. Staring into the depths of our closets as the minutes tick by, feeling utterly uninspired by what is hanging there before us. We need to look just right, and yet we don’t have the time to shop for something new. It’s moments like these that we need to remember the mantra of the truly stylish: when in doubt, wear black! This mantra probably is followed by almost everyone who love black or whose favorite color is black.

You hear it all the time: “[insert trendy thing here] is the new black.” What, may I ask, is wrong with the old black? It’s timeless, it’s slimming, it’s elegant and it’s neat. It goes with absolutely everything. It never clashes with what your man or your friends are wearing, and it can be a delightful backdrop for bright or shiny accessories. More than a quarter of my clothes are black. Brights, patterns, pastels and neutrals most certainly have their place, but when it comes to the crunch… BLACK is the new black!

However, there are few rules when it comes to wearing black and the first of those is obvious: don’t allow your black to fade. There is washing powder designed specifically for black garments on the market now, so use it to prolong the life of your clothes. Secondly to it, if you’re doing head-to-toe black, be prepared to either show a little skin, or break it up with other colors. Thirdly, if you’re wearing black very close to your face, like with a scarf or high-necked top, your makeup will need to be slightly more vibrant than usual to stop your face from appearing washed out. Aside from these rules, just about anything goes when it comes to wearing black.

Perhaps the best thing of all about black is the way that it makes your accessories stand out. You can really load up on accessories if you want to – sunglasses, scarf, earrings, belt, watch, rings and funky shoes, all at once – because it’s the details of your outfit that will be noticed, standing out from a backdrop of the most classic shade of all.

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