The Super-Simple Database of Music Lyrics

“Without music, life would be a mistake” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Music Matters The Super-Simple Database of Music Lyrics

Why Music Matters

Among various forms of art music is probably the most adored one.

Music expresses feelings like nothing else. It takes away our pain, brings the sweetest memories to life, gives the ability of empathy… When we mourn it comforts us, when we laugh it lets our merriness go on, when we desperately need to unwind it steadies our worries.

Music is also a unique tool for communication. Remember the episode from ‘Bumblebee’ where the alien car was speaking to the 17-year-old girl, Charlie Watson, with the help of the car radio?

While the scene gives the old Volkswagen Beetle more character, so to say, at the same time it carries a very valuable message. A song can sometimes say much more and touch the human heart much deeper. Even when there’s no possibility to speak, music can, in a way, replace talking.

allmusicals The Super-Simple Database of Music Lyrics – The Uncomplicated Song Lyrics Finder Of Soundtracks, Plays, and Movies

While it’s true that music touches human souls better than words only, they are not less important!

That is why the creators have made a song lyrics finder – to meet the needs of listeners.

You watch a movie, and all of a sudden – the song cuts you to the quick. And you can’t help but want to find it and take to your playlist…

Now you will not lose the song with the new service for searching music lyrics. Even if all you remember is 5 words from the chorus!

The song lyrics finder with the simplest interface you can imagine is now available –Here you can come across lyrics from soundtracks, theatre plays or shows mainly for educational purposes.

Convenient to use, easy to understand, the website will come in handy when you need to find the words of the song urgently. Sorted according to the year of the play, songs include such plays and films as ‘Lion King’, ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’’, ‘Phantom of The Opera’, ‘Peter Pan’ and other.

Any questions or suggestions of users will be thoroughly looked into. You’re also free to make corrections and add music lyrics in the separate section on

One more significant plus of the database is its structured organization. Once you click on the necessary play, for instance, ‘Phantom of The Opera’, – you get the access to every part of it – Prologue, Overture, and song lyrics of the two acts.

Song Lyrics Finder The Super-Simple Database of Music Lyrics

Unexpected Bonuses of The Song Lyrics Finder

As a pleasant bonus, there are also videos, photos, scripts and reviews of plays. So, if you’re a theatre-goer, be careful – you might fall in love with this resource! And not just theatre-goers, teacher will benefit from the website, getting the chance to get the script, play it out or analyze metaphors from it (or whatever they will find useful).

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