Additions That Can Increase Your Home’s Property Value

There are a number of things that one can do to increase the value of one’s property before either renting it out or putting it up for sale with a local realtor in your area.

Additions That Can Increase Your Home's Property Value

Here are five of our suggestions for improving the value of the property through additions or improvements.

1. Fresh Coat of Paint / Remove Wallpaper

Depending on the age of the home in question, often the most significant change for a good first impression (and impression of property value) is to do something about the interior and exterior walls. Namely if there is old wallpaper in some rooms, arrange to have it stripped out and repainted.
Also don’t forget the ceilings either. They are often overlooked but do pick up contaminants over time and rarely, if ever, receive a good cleaning.
Take a look at the condition of any painted walls (have they seen better days?). Consider the chosen color choices throughout the home. Are the colors open, bright and create more light in every room? Are they in a more neutral color, pastel hue or other inoffensive color choice that will work well?

2. Look at the Air Quality

One of the first things visitors to a property do is see how it feels and also how it smells. If there is a previous problem with damp, this may be something that someone with a keen nose can sniff out.
Do the carpets need a professional cleaning in order to remove old marks, allergens and contaminants? If you own a pet then undoubtedly more can be done to make the rooms more pleasant.
Beyond a professional cleaning, there are air filters than can be used to remove unpleasant odors. It is a good idea to remove the odors and then give it a few days to see if some of them return. This can be an indicator of a more serious problem that needs to be tracked down.

3. Energy-efficient Appliances

Energy efficiency is a big thing for buyers who are worried about their energy bills. Most radiators are older styles that were fitted a decade or more ago and are not anywhere near as energy efficient as the modern ones.
There are also many smaller changes that can be made like energy efficient light bulbs and other home appliances replacements which will reduce the energy used. Beyond home appliances, improvements to insulation also make a considerable difference.

4. Home Sauna

Have you ever wanted to have a home sauna that you can install in your home? For home owners with large enough bathrooms it may actually be possible to fit a luxurious home sauna which becomes very inviting after a long day in the office.

5. Tend to the Garden

The garden and plants don’t often get the love and attention that they need from busy home owners who lack a green finger. However, for keen gardeners it is almost like the garden sells the home. Overhauling the garden can turn it into an oasis to enjoy in the evening and over the weekend. Whether you’re up for the task or need to hire a competent gardener to help you out, time spent there will add value later.

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