American Trampolines Are Now Safer Than Ever Before

Having a trampoline means a world of fun for kids growing up. Bouncing with friends on the weekend or at night after finishing homework isn’t only thrilling, but it also helps keep kids active and in better shape and can help prepare them for a future in athletics or gymnastics. The only downside to traditional trampolines is the possibility of incurring an injury. Exposed metal frames with weak pads and springs that can pinch or otherwise injure bouncers keeps some families from investing in a trampoline for their yard. While the American trampoline industry has fallen behind in adapting safety standards to meet the rising rate of injury, there is one company out there that has taken matters into its own hands, single handedly changing the trampoline design game.

If you’re looking for a forward-thinking and innovative company that has redesigned trampolines from the ground up to be safer while providing children with superior bouncing to traditional models, then this article has all the information you need. By using flexible composite rods instead of springs, engineers have removed 90% of product related injuries. Traditional trampolines have metal coil springs that can cause a devastating pinch on the skin, trap feet, legs or arms and become hazardous to the bouncer if landed on. A trampoline built with flexible composite rods in place of springs can’t be landed on by a bouncer, eliminating the chances of being pinched or hurt on a spring.

American Trampolines Are Now Safer Than Ever Before

Springfree Trampoline has implemented a number of safety features that other trampoline designs simply do not offer. Apart from replacing dangerous springs with composite rods hidden beneath the bouncing surface, Springfree also turned the whole design on its head, placing the frame below the jumping surface as well. Traditional trampolines have an exposed metal frame, which is a head injury waiting to happen. With the frame being less than a foot from the bouncing area, it’s only a matter of time before someone happens to collide with its hard surface. By installing the frame of the trampoline below the play area, the chance of a child injuring him or her while playing is significantly decreased.

To complement these new features, Springfree has also introduced a patented SoftEdge mat which is 30 times shock absorbent than the foam pads provided by traditional trampoline manufacturers. The SoftEdge absorbs the energy of the human body and softens contact, rather than simply providing a flimsy covering.

Springfree Trampoline also employs a patented FlexiNet technology, which will help catch any person who miscalculates a jump and moves toward the edge of the trampoline. The safety netting used ontraditional trampoline models have rigid metal poles holding them up, which can be just as dangerous to a jumper as hitting the ground or hitting a metal frame. The FlexiNet is held up by flexible compositenet rods that are capable of guiding a fallen jumper safely back onto the jumping surface.

Springfree Trampoline has won the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, as well as the U.S. Family Choice award, and international awards as well. The company is dedicated to using innovative technology to make trampoline jumping safe, and even more fun. By investing in a Springfree Trampoline in the United States, you’ll be investing safe, active fun for your whole family. Be safe and happy bouncing!

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