Golf equipment GPS tracker for mobile phones

Equipment GPS tracker – There are hundreds of equipment GPS tracker or distance measuring devices products on the market for those looking to purchase a GPS asset tracking or rangefinder, but the introduction of smart phones and the iPhone with their built in tactical GPS watch has meant that you don’t have to have the expensive phone and the equally expensive GPS device – you can simple have an app on your iPhone or download the equipment GPS tracker of courses to your smart phone.

Golf equipment GPS tracker for mobile phones

FreeCaddie Golf GPS

FreeCaddie offer a equipment GPS tracker item for a range of mobile phones with GPS asset tracking facilities completely free of charge. It is downloaded direct to the phone via Freecaddie’s website and the free version is a simple product which provides yardages to the front, middle and back of the green. It can, however, only store the details for one golf course. The FreeCaddie Pro, the next step up the ladder, is available for a one-off payment and provides distances to hazards such as bunkers or water as well as distances to doglegs and the start and end of the fairway. With the FreeCaddie Pro, there is no limit on the number of golf courses it stores the details of and the downloading of courses is available as part of the one-off payment. An added option allows players to keep track on fairways and greens hit in regulation and average putts taken.

Golfshot Golf Equipment GPS Tracker

For those with an iPhone, Golfshot have an application on the market. A one off payment for the application means there are no subsequent download costs, and – as you might expect with an iPhone – it is a touchscreen application. There is an aerial view of each hole of a course, with 20,000 available to download, and yardages to the green from any point. One downside, however, is the drain on battery life of the phone along with the likelihood of the phone getting wet when playing in poor weather.

igolfscorer Golf GPS

igolfscorer specialize in golf scoring technology both online and on mobile phones having had scorecards, handicap calculators, statistics calculators for the average number of eagles, birdies, pars, bogies, etc., over a certain timescale as well as average driving distance and putts per round. The technology also allows you to keep a record of which club was used for each shot on a round. igolfscorer have also moved into the equipment GPS tracker market on your mobile phone with distances calculated from your point on the course to the 100, 150 and 200 yard markers as well as the front, centre and back of the green. The technology records the average length and maximum distance you hit each club and will offer a suggested club selection for each distance calculated. You get all of this for 29.95 Euros.

equipment GPS tracker

Golf GPS Asset Tracking Rangefinder Options

One of the most popular pieces of technology that golfers are turning towards for game improvement never actually comes in contact with the golf ball at all. In fact, while GPS asset tracking rangefinders have no influence on the actual physical aspect of the game, many golfers are including these helpful yardage aids to golf bags around the world.

GolfLogix by GarminPowered by a leading name in GPS technology, the GolfLogix by Garmin (approximately $300) is one of the more popular options available to golfers of all skill levels. This handheld rangefinder is about the size of a cellphone and features a handy belt clip and carrying case for easy transportation to and from your golf bag. GolfLogix’s simple user interface and ability to download additional golf courses from the Internet is a good fit for those golfers who may not be particularly tech-savvy. Yardages to the front, center, and back of any green is easy-to-read on the handheld’s screen, and additional yardages for various hazards and points on each hole are available. Garmin has also just recently released smartphone versions of their GPS asset tracking software which allows golfers with an iPhone access to the same technology available on handhelds. Garmin’s software works on both MAC and Windows.


GPS asset tracking

Perhaps the most popular golf GPS asset tracking rangefinder (thanks largely in part to marketing by high-profile professional golfers Natalie Gulbis and Peter Jacobson), SkyCaddie offers 4 different handheld products to choose from ranging between $250 and $450. Powered by a rechargable litium battery, this handheld is very similar to that offered by Garmin, but unlike GolfLogix can only store up to 10 courses in memory at one time (compared to the 20 offered by Garmin). Thousands of additional courses are again available for download, each supporting up to 40 different yardage targets for every hole on the course. SkyCaddie also offers the Intelligreen feature which provides the golfer the most detailed green measurements on the market.


One of the newer names in the GPS asset tracking market, GolfBuddy offers rangefinders with exceptionally accurate yardage readings to the back, center, and front of every green on the course. Selling around $350, the GolfBuddy is able to store up to 60 total courses in memory and offers automatic course and hole recognition, making the GolfBuddy the most user-friendly handheld on the market. In addition to pre-programmed targets for each hole in memory, the GolfBuddy also allows the golfer to customize up to 11 additional targets for every hole. Most US courses are already stored on the rangefinder, with additional software and downloads available on the product website. Finally, the GolfBuddy rangefinder features constantly-updated yardage readings on the interface as the golfer walks the course and hole.

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