Best Wii Games for Couples

Best Wii Games for Couples

Kids have been enjoying Nintendo’s Wii console for years, and more and more couples are getting in on the game. Fifty bucks for a new video game may seem steep, but that price can make for a pretty cheap date night. If couples reuse the games even two or three times, cozy dates on the couch in front of the Wii console can wind up being dirt cheap. So, what are some of the best Wii games for a fun and romantic evening?

Nintendo’s Wii Sports Resort for the Wii Console

Nintendo’s Wii Sports Resort for the Wii Console

Thousands of couples are heading to the sandy beaches of Wuhu Island for a date at their private sports resort. Wii Sports Resort offers 12 games including, fencing, wakeboarding, archery, Frisbee, golf, basketball, table tennis, bowling, biking, canoeing, power cruising, and air sports.

Not only are the games a blast, the whole package does a superb job at bringing the lush extravagance of resort vacationing to life. Between bouts of swordplay and parachuting it’s a good bet a couple won’t mind that travel never goes farther than their living room.

Online casino

Online casinoCouples have also lately sorted for online casino on their consoles. Don’t forget the Borgata casino, which is intense and has beaten the traditional concept of casino. It is easy, fast and more scoring. It is like a win-win affair if you play seriously. It is youthful and attracts the youth most, who have never gone to real casinos or hesitate to visit one nearby. Online means 24/7 and this facilitates playing anytime and from any location. It is just few clicks away from your cozy bedroom.


Nintendo’s Mario Kart for the Wii Console

Nintendo’s Mario Kart for the Wii Console

In Mario Kart, Mario, his friends, and Mii characters race go karts around wacky tracks inspired by the multitude of Mario worlds. Players snap their Wii remotes into plastic steering wheels and hit the road.

Mario Kart offers all around fun racing which couples of any age will enjoy. Since up to four players can compete, this game is sure to be a hit during double dates, too.

Couples should be ready for some fierce competition with this game. The first date with Mario Kart may last long into the night.

Active Life Extreme Challenge for the Wii Console

Active Life Extreme ChallengeCouples who don’t mind getting off the couch will thoroughly love Active Life Extreme Challenge. Extreme Challenge lets players use their Mii characters to compete in 15 sports including rock climbing, wake boarding, street luge, base jumping, inline skating, skateboarding, kite surfing, BMX biking, and double Dutch.

Mii characters definitely get into their extreme roles. Their death-defying dialogue is sure to add a few laughs to the date.

Unlike other sports games for the Wii console, Active Life Extreme Challenge uses Wii remotes and a footpad that’s bundled with the game. The running, jumping, and competition involved are certain to lead to a heart-pounding Wii date.

If couples enjoy double dating with their Mii characters, there are plenty more titles to explore on future date nights.

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