How can you Uninstall Google Play Store?

How Can You Uninstall Google Play Store

Android devices have become one of the must-have gadgets these days. What makes these Android Devices more interesting, is the applications which come along with it. Android apps have the ability to make everything possible these days. They provide the perfect solution to all problems. With these Android Apps, we can do anything and everything. From communicating with friends and family to playing endless games during our pass time, everything is possible. One can even record the beautiful moments of life and then share it with the world outside.

Android Apps can be found in Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, and on various other sites which are focused on Android applications. These apps can run on Android smartphones, tablets, Google TV and various other devices. However, Google Play Store serves as the most popular and most preferred store of Android apps. It can easily be hailed as the epicenter of Android apps.

What is Google Play Store?

Formerly known as the Android Market, the Google Play Store is the official destination of all Android Apps. It is the official portal of Android games, apps, and various other content for Android devices like Android phone. Android Tablet or Android TV. It is the vast umbrella of Google which covers Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Books, Google Play Newsstand, etc. Each of these system apps is individually installed on any Android device if it is officially recognized by Google. It is the only way to download apps and games on an Android device without making any changes in the Phone’s setting by enabling the Unknown Sources option.

The need to uninstall it

It is true that Google Play Store is a great one-stop destination for all apps. It gives access to unlimited apps of all kinds-entertainment, essential, games, fitness, education, movies, etc. But like any other app, Google Play Store too gets temperamental. There are times when the only way to fix this problem is by uninstalling the app from your Android device. Though it is not recommended to remove a system app like this, but if the situation demands so, it is necessary. There are various ways to solve the Play Store problem. The methods are-

Step-1: For People who cannot or don’t want to root their device.

Step-2: For people who do not have issues and are open to rooting.

Step-3: For people who have already rooted their Android devices.

The methods in detail

Step-1: For people who cannot or don’t want to root their device- Hide/Disable Google Play Store

Whatever the problems or issues you are facing with the Play Store can be solved simply by hiding the app or disabling it. However, there comes a warning to it. If you disable system apps, it may cause other apps to malfunction and misbehave which will result in erasing of any data saved in the app. However, disabling is a safer method than rooting when you don’t have any idea of your activities.

There are various mobile devices have a “hide apps” option along with them to hide the app from the app list. In spite of being hidden, the app is still running in the background. For people who have such devices and want to hide the Play Store, need to go to the App Drawer, and tap “Done”. This will hide your Play Store, but the app still runs in the background as it is not disabled.

Now to disable Google Play Store from the device, visit your “Settings” and select “Apps”.  Now swipe to see “All”. Scroll down the screen until you find Google Play Store. Now tap “Force Stop”, and then tap “Disable”. You will see that Google Play Store is no longer running on your Android device.

Step-2: For people open to Rooting- Root your device to uninstall the Play Store

Before rooting your device, you must be aware of the consequences. Rooting the device will usually void your warranty and can stop your device entirely. However, it is the only method in which one can really uninstall system apps like Play Store.

It is advisable to backup your phone completely before you start rooting your device. Have your backup proper as once the rooting begins, you will lose every data stored on your device. Once you finish the backup, you can initiate the rooting process. The rooting process varies from device to device. It is better to follow particular device rooting process.

Step-3: For people who have already rooted their device- After rooting the Device

Once you finish the Rooting process of your device, you need to find a Root File Manager App. With this Root File Manager App, one can easily uninstall Google Play Store. You will find many such apps online. Install any one among these and use the app to find Play Store on your device. Once you find it, simply uninstall it.

The next time you face any issues with the Google Play Store on your device, follow these methods to get instant relief.

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  • John

    When you disable it, essentially bricks your phone. Throws so many error messages that email, calendar, keyboard, messaging, and even the launcher won’t work that it’s hoping you’ll be frustrated enough to turn it back on. I’ve had it off for 12 hours and received over 200 error messages only.

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