Consider Vinyl Skins for Your Tradeshow Giveaway

Consider Vinyl Skins for Your Tradeshow Giveaway

Free handouts at your trade show booth draws attention. It’s one of the easiest ways to bring in foot traffic to your stall and away from all of the others. But not all promotional giveaways are created equal. If you’re handing out the same pair of cheap sunglasses or pens as your neighbors, how are you going to stand out? You need to think outside the box and give out something that will set you a part from the pack. At your next tradeshow, hand out vinyl skins.

What is a vinyl skin, you ask? Depending on who you ask, it’s also a wrap or decal. Whatever you call it, it’s something that can wrap around any piece of technology, including laptops, smartphones, gaming systems, and smartwatches. A vinyl skin creates an air tight barrier between the outside world and the device, saving the delicate plastics and aluminum from getting scuffed, scratched, or dented. It keeps these electronics safe from the dangers of daily wear and tear, including those that happen when you mindlessly throw your laptop or phone into a bag or purse that also carries loose change, keys, and pens.

Admittedly, when you first start handing out wraps to your visitors, you’ll be greeted with some confusion. But once you explain the benefits of a skin, people will start to appreciate its utility. Unlike pens that are guaranteed to be lost within a week and sunglasses that look cheap and are bound to break, vinyl decals serve a purpose. It keeps any device protected.

They’re also a gift that keeps on giving. The vinyl used in the best decals is highly flexible and can take on any color or texture that you desire. It’s an incredible branding opportunity as you customize the decals you give away in your company’s colors. When your visitors outfit their tech in the skins you provide, they’ll be walking billboards. People will ask why their Dell XPS laptop or iPhone 6s is suddenly covered by carbon fiber red or a yellow and green combo, and they’ll have to respond with your company’s name.

It can be difficult to anticipate which laptops or smartphones to order for your tradeshow giveaway, but a simple review of the anticipated visitors to the tradeshow can help. It’s also a good idea to check out a wrap provider that can offer a wide range of products for a variety of devices, like dbrand. When you shop online at dbrand, you can customize a skin for all of the latest mobile releases, including the One Plus 3, Galaxy S7 Edge, and the LG G5. They also have a huge selection of skins for other laptops, smartwatches, and gaming systems available, so you can order the most popular models before the big day. Take a look at dbrand’s selection, knowing that they offer the fit, protection, and level of personalization that you want your company to be known for.

Don’t fret over your tradeshow promotional items any longer. Ditch the boring and overused promotional pen or key chain. Get something people actually want to use. Order vinyl skins for your next tradeshow and stand out from the crowd.

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