Five Ways To Boost Up Your Mac Book

By now many of you may have used Apple’s Mac book, either the latest version or the older one, probably the two or three generations old. You may have noticed the machine slows down sometimes and needless to say that a slow Mac book is disgusting and working with one of them is much more frustrating than anything else.

mac book

Now you may be thinking to replace the older version and get a newer one, but do you know that there are many ways to speed it up again. So buckle up yourself before we engage in some serious operation.

Before you start following the below tips, don’t forget to take precaution and back up your data. For Macs books taking the precaution is easy. You can simply grab an external drive and run Time Machine. When your Mac drive is fully backed up you may proceed. Now follow the below guidelines carefully:

1. Put an SSD in place of hard drive

One of the best ways to improve the old Mac is by replacing it with solid–state drive, which is popularly known as SSD in standard term. It becomes much easier if you properly follow the Sharon Profis’s instruction on how to upgrade your Mac Book Pro with an SSD. Just Google it and you will get some more details there. You will be amused to see how easily this can be done and also the impact of it is immense on the performance of the Mac book.

2. Sum up more memory

Just like changing hard drive to SSD, adding more memory is also an easy process. First thing first to do is to find the perfect memory for your specific Mac book model. The brand maybe anything, but it must support your machine properly, with proper speed of course. Read details before buying. Know the compatibility of course with your version of the Mac book.

3. Cleaning up the hard drive

Sometimes we forget to do the simple thing which later creates bigger problem. Clearing the hard drive is one of those to do periodically, probably once a month will do for normal user and for higher user once a week is recommended. Most of the times we tend to jam the memory by storing unnecessary files and folders for several years, but later forget to delete those. So by cleaning the hard drive or the SSD (who have those) you will get plenty of space, which will further speed up your system.

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