How and Where to Find Used iPhone XR for Sale (Buyer’s Guide 2021)

How and Where to Find Used iPhone XR for Sale (Buyer's Guide 2021)

One of the best ways to save on buying a phone is buying a used one. This is true especially for iPhones since new ones are not always affordable to everyone. Here is a guide on how and where you can find a used iPhone XR for sale in 2021.


So many people don’t know, but Apple does sell both new and refurbished iPhones. Even for iPhone XR, it is possible to find a refurbished one at the Apple store. Like any other reused and refurbished phone on the market, a used iPhone XR from the Apple store is cheaper than the new one. Selections may change, but it is not hard to find one anytime you visit the Apple stores.

Apart from being cheaper, buying a refurbished iPhone has a lot of other advantages. If there is a problem with the refurbished iPhone XR, it is possible to get it fixed by Apple experts from the same store you bought it. Since they still have up to a 1-year warranty, it is cost-saving if there are any hiccups with the phone.

Phone Companies

It is common to see other phone companies selling iPhones as well. It will also be a good decision to check in the shops of local phone companies to see if they sell a refurbished iPhone XR. Chances are they do sell refurbished iPhones and even at a lower price than getting one from an Apple store.

Refurbished Resellers

Some companies only focus on reselling refurbished phones, and iPhones are always part of the diverse phone types they sell. Since they only focus on buying and selling used iPhones, they can make their iPhones even cheaper to compete with other competitors, so getting an affordable iPhone XR is possible. Gazelle and Nextworth are great examples for anyone planning to buy a used iPhone XR or any different model within the new iPhone lineup.

Online Stores

Buying refurbished iPhones from online stores has been common for a long time. Other people even buy iPhones only to resell them in online stores. There are hundreds of used iPhones in online stores with different competitive prices. This is an excellent place to find anyone selling an iPhone XR with the budget you have. To make things even better, it is possible to negotiate the price with the seller since communication with them is sometimes direct.

It is also possible to filter out all other iPhones and only focus on iPhone XRs that fit your budget and don’t have any functional problems. Some of the best online stores to consider is Craigslist and eBay. Sellers on Amazon also sell refurbished iPhones. Local online stores are also an excellent place to consider checking as finding much cheaper iPhone XRs is accessible from small sellers.

To ensure you get a good iPhone XR from online sellers, try to check and stick to high-rate sellers. They will always make sure to sell the best-refurbished iPhones to maintain their good reputation.


For anyone who is on a budget, refurbished iPhones are the best ones to get. They are still as good as the new ones to give you the functionality and still don’t have to spend more than you have to.

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