Look At The Best Gadgets Coming Out In 2017

Look At The Best Gadgets Coming Out In 2017

If like us you are a gadget fanatic, and let’s face it you probably wouldn’t be reading this site if you weren’t, then it could be argued there has never been a better time to be alive.

The level and speed of innovation has never been faster, and the only problem for us all is having to choose which gadgets we want to purchase due to limited funds.

This article is fraught with danger as it is quite possible that new gadgets will launch later this year that haven’t even been announced yet, but at the time of writing these are the gadgets that have us most excited.

The Apple Iphone 8 or 10

Believe it or not the iPhone is 10 years old this year, and many experts are predicting a significant design upgrade to the top selling phone. There is also a lot of discussion as to whether it will be called the iPhone 8 or the 10 to mark the anniversary. Either way for apple fans everywhere the launch of this phone in late September will be the gadget highlight of the year.

The Apple Iphone 8 or 10

VR Headsets –2016 was the break out year for virtual reality and as with all technology, the real growth and development begins now. There are many new headsets penciled in for launch in 2017 but the biggest buzz relates to the HTC Vive 2 headset.

Android Wear 2.0  –There is still a lot of debate as to whether or not there is a market for smartwatches. Apple is not releasing any sales figures, which might be quite telling, but it is widely acknowledged that they have secured the current top spot when it comes to sales of smartwatches. Google however is not going to take this lying down, and with the launch of Android wear 2.0 the potential uses of the smartwatch could drastically increase. This is likely to be an increasingly competitive market and we are lucky enough to have a front seat view.

Drones  –Much like virtual reality, drones generated a lot of interest amongst the general public in 2016 and we fully expect this to continue into 2017. As manufacturing costs decrease, and technology advances there is no limit to what can be achieved with these amazing little flying machines.And find best Drones here..

Look At The Best Gadgets Coming Out In 2017


Connected Devices – The final big thing in 2017 if we were to bet money on it will be the growth in the internet of things. These are devices such as the Amazon Echo, or Google Home which enable people to control other devices within their home, such as their central heating, or lighting. The potential development of this sector is perhaps the most exciting aspect of being a gadget fan in 2017 and we will all be looking forward to seeing what the tech developers can come up with next.

This is just a quick run through of some of the tech coming in 2017, but for a regular up to date look at the world of tech, visit Look What’s Cool on a regular basis, for all the latest and greatest gadgets.

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