IPhone 7- things for you to know

IPhone 7- things for you to know

It wasn’t long ago that he would be waiting online trying to scour news for the latest iPhone 6 and then camping outside the shop in order to get that particular phone. However, with the latest entrant in technology in the iPhone market, you would soon be able to see its next installment, the iPhone 7 in markets very shortly. However, there are a lot of things that you have to understand about this mobile phone. Not only is it one of the next best models from the iPhone segment, but it has a lot of specifications that have changed from the previous version.

Things to know about the latest iPhone 7

  1. The latest iPhone 7 would come in four colours, namely space grey, silver, rose gold and gold. This is according to the leaked images that you can find over the Internet.
  2. The design of the latest iPhone would more or less remain the same of its previous version, and it would look exactly like all its predecessors. However, that is not at all a bad thing, rather you are going to get a stable design that has been working for the mobile segment.
  3. It might come with a new third-party keyboard compatible three pin smart connector, which is going to be located at the bottom portion of the mobile phone. However, it also lacks a hardware mute switch, and that in itself can be a setback for many.
  4. It consists of both that the dual facing cameras, thereby ensuring that it does not deviate a lot from the current generation iPhones.
  5. It has a wonderful neat rear cover, helping it look gorgeous and while at the same time capable enough for all the other things.
  6. The camera seems to be a bit different than the normal iPhone, and that would only be uncovered when the mobile phone releases in the market.
  7. It comes with a dual lens camera, making it an exclusive product that you would only find in the iPhone 7 plus edition.
  8. There is a prevalent rumor that the latest iPhone is going to be waterproof. It will certainly be water resistant, but then there is no confirmation to this rumor from the company itself. So, for the time being, this is to be treated as something of a hoax until otherwise proven.
  9. The latest iPhone 7 will come with a very thick casing, thereby making it free from any kind of external damages and troubles which normally happens with a lot of mobile phones. This extra protective covering ensures that the longevity of the mobile phone will be increased in leaps and bounds.
  10. It does not come with a 3.5 mm port, therefore you would have to make arrangements for suitable attachments in order to your music through your earphones or connect them to the compatible stereo systems that are prevalent in the market for optimum music.

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